Working in the team


The Competitions Team forms the international heart of our business. You can count on strong team spirit here: In small groups, we prepare the submissions for multiple competitions all over the world at the same time.

On site

Training courses

Designing spaces


The digital world is merging with the analog – and nowhere is this more evident than in our in-house workshop. Alongside the classic tools for model construction, we use 3D printers and a computer-controlled laser cutter.

Discover new things together


We not only work together, but also discover new things together – that is the guiding principle behind our excursions, not to mention our summer and Christmas parties. Most recently the employees from all locations traveled to Rotterdam to meet one another in person and at the same time explore an architecture hotspot for themselves.


We always work together to develop creative solutions. Where and when they are developed is not important. What counts are putting in place optimal conditions for a good working environment. Namely small and very cohesive teams.