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Entered in the Commercial Register attached to the Braunschweig District Court BS file no. HRB 1709
VAT ID no.: DE 11 48 77 162

Jürgen Engel, Dipl.-Ing. S.M. Arch./MIT, Architekt BDA
member of the BDA

Registered in the list of architects of the State Chambers of: Bavaria, Berlin, Hesse, North Rhine Westphalia

Managing Partner
Sebastian Schöll
Dipl-Ing. Architekt
Registered in the list of architects of the State Chamber of: North Rhine Westphalia

The professional title of architect was awarded in Germany, if not otherwise noted. The HOAI German Fees System for Architects and Engineers shall apply, as do the professional orders and vocational regulations for architects specified by the States Architectural Chambers. For further information, please visit Bundesarchitektenkammer and that of Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA).


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