Songjiang University Campus, Shanghai

Songjiang University Campus, Shanghai

Presently an agricultural area, the location for the new University City for approximately 40,000 students is located in the west of Shanghai on an area near the 500 year old garden city of Sonjiang. A satellite city for 500,000 inhabitants is planned in connection with the new University, based on a masterplan created by a French office. The basic pre-requisites for the design are both the position of the University City, given in the masterplan and the sectioning of the campus into three independent Universities, a joint central area and a 'housing area', split into two sections and further divided by us into three 'neighbourhoods' each. Using a system of three clusters of various sizes we have chosen a structure for the three Universities, which provides a clear separation of built area and landscaped areas. The cluster system not only allows the provision of an individual, characteristic structure and architectural identity for each of the Universities but also guarantees a sensible ecological and economical use of space. The concentration of the buildings on the cluster fields reserves sufficient space for the partial areas to grow together to a new, single University in the future. The construction areas are connected to one another via a system of axial streets and lines of vision.

Client: Chinese Department of Education
GFA: 1,100,000 m²
Competition: 04/2000, 1st Prize
in cooperation with ECADI - East China Architecture Design Institute

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