Wasserwelt, Braunschweig

Wasserwelt, Braunschweig

The building complex consists of a swimming and bathing world, which is integrated into the Okertal meadows, a transparent entry level, and a floating roof structure that is clad with a façade consisting of aluminum blinds. The bathing world inside blends almost seamlessly with the natural countryside of the Oker meadows. The lines dividing inside and outside are eliminated in visual terms. In keeping with the respective usage, the different zones (sports, fun, contemplation) each have a unique identity of their own and an appropriate atmosphere. Wasserwelt is designed to cater to some 500,000 visitors a year.

Client: Stadtbad Braunschweig Sport & Freizeit GmbH
GFA: 14,100 m²
GV: 71,500 m³
Competition: 11/2005, 2nd Prize
Completion: 07/2014
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer
Awards: Peter Joseph Krahe - Prize 2015, Special mention

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