National Library of China, Beijing

National Library of China, Beijing

The National Library of China in Beijing is the world’s third largest library and has room for 12 million books. The individual sections of the building combine tradition with innovation. A pedestal building housing the collection of historical written documents, the “Siku Quanshu” (Complete Library of the Four Branches of Literature) , forms the base of the new 27-meter-high library. The glass section between the pedestal and the roof stands for the present and the passing on of the historical legacy. The library is crowned by a hovering roof structure, which houses the large reading room with approx. 2,000 seats and the digital library.

Client: National Library of China
Competition: 2003, 1st Prize
Completion: 09/2008
Reading Seats: 2,000
Books: 12 Mio.
Photographer: Hans Schlupp

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