Urban Development Sablon Du Nord, Metz, France

Urban Development Sablon Du Nord, Metz, France

The erstwhile trade fair and rail freight grounds, hitherto cut off from downtown by the rail lines, was to be transformed into a high-end commercial, office and residential estate. The proximity to the main station, downtown and the Seille River were all positives to be included. The proposal restructures the 22-hectare-large site and foresees a supra-regional landscaped park for recreational purposes on the banks of the Seille, which are renaturalized, offering urbanites access to nature.

Client: Stadt Metz, Frankreich
Gross Area: 2.2 km²
GFA: 222,000 m²
Competition: 1998, 1st Prize
Completion: 2002
In Cooperation with BGM Atelier d’architecture, Montreuil and Latitude Nord, Paris

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