Meixi Urban Helix, Changsha

Meixi Urban Helix, Changsha

The concept masterfully highlights the start of the new urban axis on Lake Meixi in the southwest of Changsha and creates a multi-functional, public space, which opens up to the city. The Meixi Urban Helix rises up above a man-made plateau in the lake; with a surface area of some 20,000 square meters it comprises a six to eight-meter wide accessible ramp, which spirals to a height of 34 meters. As a vantage point it affords visitors a panorama view of the planned urban expansion and of Lake Meixi, which is about 40 hectares in size. On the inside of the helix the ramp leads down a reverse-spin ramp from the highest point and becomes a raised urban axis that introduces visitors to the new district.

Client: City of Changsha
Area: ca. 20,000 m²
Spiral length: approx. 1 kilometer
Height: 30 meters
Diameter: approx. 88 meters
Competition: 01/2014, 1st prize
Completion: 03/2017
Awards: AL Design Awards 2018 Commendable Achievement Exterior Lighting
Iconic Awards 2018 Innovative Architecture - Winner
Photographer: Marcus Bredt

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