Extension St. Josefs Krankenhaus, Potsdam

Extension St. Josefs Krankenhaus, Potsdam

The St. Josefs Hospital in Potsdam was modernized and extended in two phases. The entire hospital ensemble, located on the southeast edge of the gardens of Schloss Sanssouci, is heritage listed and in particular the specifications as regards heritage garden regulations had to be upheld and the original lines of vision thus preserved. The modernization gave rise to a concentrated, functionally wellstructured hospital with clear access points. To this end, the old buildings were linked by a transparent, two-story entrance and access building. After the first phase, completed in 2006, a total of 255 hospital beds were available. The expansion of the St. Josefs Hospital in the second phase includes a three-story and a four-story wing, extending the existing building on Zimmermannstrasse. On the ground floor, there will be
rooms for functional diagnostics, endoscopy, the new Outpatients desk and a cardiac cath lab. The three wards will have a total of 104 beds. The construction work was undertaken without operations needing to be stopped and was completed in 2016.

Client: St. Josefs Krankenhaus Potsdam gGmbH
GFA: 8,800 m²
GV: 35,000 m³
Capacity: 105 Beds
Completion: 06/2016
Photo: Simon Menges
Architect: MARON.RINNE Architekten (Execution planning and site supervision)

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