Project List

01 | 12 | 2024

European Commission, Luxembourg

The design features two buildings: a 90-meter-high office high-rise and a six-story-high annex with two penthouse stories. The ensemble comprising a tower and a perimeter block development makes an inviting gesture and is intended to embody the principle of openness the European Commission as a confederation pursues. The hall, which as the main form of access and a communication channel extends across the depth of the entire building, is reached from the forecourt. Multi-story façade elements emphasize the horizontal thrust of the overall volume because in each they case embrace two stories to form a single visual unit.

Client: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
GFA: 190,500 m²
Competition: 12/2010, Finalist
Start of construction: 2018
Completion: 2024

01 | 06 | 2021

German Embassy, Algiers

The Federal Foreign Office will be the user of the new build at the Embassy. With a gross surface area of 4,240 m², it will have office and administration space, and house the visa section. Flooded with natural light, the spacious atrium will be its communicative center and heart. With its light lamella facade, the structure will blend in architecturally with the existing buildings, which, with their distinct shapes and white plastered facades, dominate the cityscape.

Client: Bundesbau Baden-Württemberg
GFA: 4,240 m²
Competition: 02/2014, 1st prize
Completion: 2021

01 | 12 | 2020

160 Park View, Frankfurt/Main

Above a shared podium, two towers of different height rise up from what is almost a square footprint. Facing each other, they are linked across their entire height.Previously perceived as a single volume on account of a mirrorglass façade that was identical on all sides, the conversion of the two towers will create an ensemblecomprising a residential and a hotel tower, which the façade will also make evident once the revitalization work is complete. The 27-story residential tower will be given a bright, open, and transparent glass façade with opening casements framed by sculptural sheet metal panels. All the stories on all four sides will have a loggia. The 20-story hotel tower will be given a darker, but likewise transparent façade.

Client: RFR Holding, Hines and Revcap
GFA: 19.400 m²
Apartments: 130
Rooms: 150
Start of construction: 2017
Completion: 2020

01 | 11 | 2020

Great Mosque, Algiers

The world’s third largest mosque was built in the Bay of Algiers. It brings various cultural and religious institutions together. The height of the minaret (approx. 265 meters) and the size and dimensions of the entire complex make it a source of impetus with regard to new urban development in Algiers. The Prayer Room is an immense cube, with a capacity of up to 35,000  people. Through the choice of material, the restrained décor, and the indirect lighting, the interior treats visitors to an impressive experience.

GFA: 358,200 m²
GV: 1,768,150 m³
Competition: 01/2008, 1st Prize
First stone laying: 11/2011
Completion: 2020
Photo: Schnepp Renou, Zinedine Zebar

01 | 10 | 2020

WIKA Research & Development Center, Klingenberg

In Klingenberg, construction of a new development center for WIKA, a manufacturer of high-grade measurement technology began in fall 2018. The newbuild will be divided into three sections: the development center, the entrance, and an administration building with a market place. High-quality work stations, communicative communal areas and short distances characterize the design. The façade reflects the company’s dynamism and potential for innovation, glass and aluminum stand for precision, longevity, and transparency.

Client: WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co.KG
GFA: 21.450 m²
Start of construction: 10/2018

01 | 06 | 2020

Gleis Park, Berlin

The western section of the Parkhaus am Gleisdreieck parking deck in Berlin’s Mitte district will be dismantled and the remaining structure extended to provide housing. The new, six-story residential building, which will comprise four individual edifices, is set back from the parking deck by atriums. The greened courtyards between the existing structure and the new build enable natural light and ventilation of the adjoining spaces. The apartments face west in the direction of the park. Striking, curving balconies give the housing development zest and a strong identity.

Client: Bauwens Development GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 17,800 m²
GV: 57,900 m³
Apartments: 178
Competition: 10/2014, 1st prize
Completion: 2020
Photo: Adrian Schulz

01 | 06 | 2020

Kasernenstrasse, Düsseldorf

The modern, six-story office building in Düsseldorf’s banking district forms a small  district plaza on the side adjacent to the heritage-listed former  Commerzbank high-rise and thus creates a high-quality leisure zone. Alongside office areas on the upper floors, the ground floor also contains spaces for retail and hospitality outlets. Modern materials such as glass are used in large sections to create a spacious, transparent and high-grade feel to the building. The highlight: the conference area on the 7th  floor with the roof terrace on the 5th floor.

Client: Hines Immobilien GmbH
GFA: 6,710 m²
Completion: 2020

01 | 05 | 2020

Neue Mainzer Strasse 57-59, Frankfurt/Main

Even from a distance, the high-rise visibly marks the end point of the cluster of high-rises along Neue Mainzer Strasse. The heritageprotected former bank building on the corner of Junghofstrasse forms an adjacent podium building. Both sections of the structure are linked by a multi-story, public passageway, which not only provides direct access to the Wallanlage park, but also adds its own urban note to the visual line of the main road with its entrance portal. Boasting a sculpturally segmented façade, the tower creates a striking interplay of light and shadow. What’s more, its volume is segmented in such a sophisticated way that its silhouette  is clearly recognizable regardless of the perspective from which it is viewed. The high-rise is based on a ground plan with an irregular H-shape, whereby the surface area is reduced at three different stages as it rises. Alongside office premises, the tower will also have public usages, such as cafes and restaurants, with a cultural institution also planned.

Client: Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen
GFA: 94,800 m²
GV: 352,000 m³
Competition: 02/2001, 1st Prize
Height: 195 m

01 | 03 | 2020

FSB 1271

In cooperation with FSB, the manufacturer of door and window hardware, Jürgen Engel has come up with its own range of door openers. A desire for timeless aesthetics was the inspiration behind the FSB 1271 product family, which boasts a consistent design for all the openers in a building. Optimized in terms of all technical matters, the shape of the FSB 1271 combines precision with easy handling and like no other door opener family enables a property to be fitted out consistently with door openers, frame door openers and window handles with a geometry that is identical. The particular focus in this respect is on the levers for framed doors which require neither a crank mechanism nor offset and still meet all relevant standards.

01 | 01 | 2020

Federal Ministry of Health, Berlin

In the Mitte district of Berlin, a historically significant building ensemble is currently being refurbished in line with heritage preservation guidelines on behalf of the Institute for Federal Real Estate. From 1890 on the complex along Mauerstrasse served as Deutsche Bank’s headquarters and was gradually extended. Linked with each other by a bridge, the buildings are now being carefully converted in line with the standards for a federal ministry: state-of-the-art, functional offices. The northern section is to be the Berlin seat of the Federal Ministry of Health; the southern section will serve further ministerial users. The focus is on a pared-back design and clear formal vocabulary. A structural addition in the inner courtyard restores the erstwhile geometry of the northern edifice, i.e., a foursided peripheral block with separate inner courtyards. 

Client: Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben
GFA: 64,790 m²
Competition: 07/2017, 1st prize
Completion: 2020

01 | 10 | 2019

Maintor WinX, Frankfurt/Main

The WinX Tower will be completed as the final segment of the MainTor ensemble. At a height of 110 meters, the WinX–The Riverside Tower is the highest of those in the MainTor quarter which stands directly on the banks of the Main River and interfaces the river, Old Town Frankfurt and the CBD. The office high-rise stands out from the other MainTor buildings for its materials and style. The 28-story tower is characterized by a reflective metallic skin and an unusual shape, as it rests on an x-shaped footprint. The striking entrance: the seven-story portal building on Neue Mainzer Strasse, which marks the beginning of the WinX Tower, combines classical architecture and sheer dynamism.

Client: GEG Development GmbH
GFA: 63,025 m²
GV: 243,100 m³
Competition: 11/2009, 1st prize
Completion: Fall 2019
Height: 110 m
Awards: DGNB Platinum pre-certificate
Photographer: hiepler, brunier,

01 | 09 | 2019

An der Alster 48, Hamburg

Part of the development of the site between Alstertwiete and Gurlittstrasse involved construction of the Hotel Le Méridien’s conference center. By staggering the bulk of the building, the architects have created a link between the four-story development on Gurlittstrasse and the hotel’s existing nine-story building. Offices and conference rooms face the Aussenalster lake, with a total of 12 new function rooms boosting the hotel’s existing capacity. The additions include a bar with a panorama-view roof terrace, while the lower section of the building now houses 15 premium apartments including a penthouse apartment with a roof terrace. The balconies overlook the Aussenalster lake or the internal courtyard.

Client: Ärzteversorgung Niedersachsen
GFA: 5.650 m²
Completion: 09/2019
Photographer: Adrian Schulz

01 | 06 | 2019

Alexanderquartier, Berlin

A quarter with offices and a hotel is under construction on Alexanderstrasse in Berlin’s Mitte district. A hotel that is part of the Dutch The Student Hotel Group is located in the southern part of the perimeter block development. With 457 rooms, it follows a communal living concept: There are small rooms and shared facilities such as a study and fitness area as well as conference and meeting rooms. There will also be long-stay rooms, each with its own kitchenette, and classic hotel rooms.

Client: The Student Hotel Group und Triton Development
GFA Hotel: 17,700 m²
GFA Office: 7,200 m²
Rooms: 457
Completion: 2019
Photographer: Marcus Bredt

01 | 03 | 2019

Hafenpark Quarter - Waterfront, Frankfurt/Main

The design envisages a striking tower, which will stand its ground with its independent architecture between the bridges and the ECB double tower. Due to its wide visibility beyond the banks of the Main, the building is characteristic of the skyline. In addition to 300 hotel rooms up to the 12th floor, a further 120 guest rooms on the upper floors are planned on an area of 26,000 sqm (GFA). The highlight on the 12th floor is a public mezzanine floor with a panorama bar. The glass façade folds like a curtain over the building figure and offers guests impressive views over the banks of the Main and the Frankfurt skyline.

Client: B&L Gruppe
GFA: 26,000 m²
Height: 60 Meter
Rooms: 300 (Hotel), 120 (Boardinghouse)
Competition: 03/2019, 2nd prize

01 | 12 | 2018

Kornmarkt Arkaden, Frankfurt/Main

Going by the name of Kornmarkt Arkaden, a hotel, offices, and 30 apartments covering around 30,000 square meters will be built on the site of the former Federal Audit Office. Striking parts of the former Federal Audit Office will be preserved and integrated in the design. The ensemble of old and new creates a small pathway between Frankfurt's old town and the banks of the river Main. The various facilities such as hotel, offices, and residentialspace will enliven the location.

Client: OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH
GFA: 37,785 m²
Competition: 01/2014, 1st prize
Hotel: 470 rooms
Completion: 2019
Award: LEED Gold certicate
Photo: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 12 | 2018

Lohsepark, Hamburg

The ensemble comprising a 4-star hotel, student accommodation, and privately financed housing is on the south-facing side of the Am Lohsepark quarter. References to the water, and the high quality of the new builds make for high-quality living and a pleasant ambiance. Typical red clinker façades and the wrap-around raised ground floor create a sense of visual unity for the different parts of the quarter in the block. Facilities such as retail and hospitality outlets as well as other public areas on the ground floor serve to enliven the quarter.

Client: HARMONIA Immobilien GmbH, ECE Projektmanagement GmbH, Studierendenwerk Hamburg
GFA: 11.430 m² (Living)
Capacity: 45 Apartments, 125 Studentapartments
Competition: 06/2014, 1st prize (Living), 3rd prize (Hotel)
Completion: 2019
Photographer: Adrian Schulz

01 | 10 | 2018

Upper Zeil, Frankfurt/Main

The new commercial building Upper Zeil will replace the former Zeilgalerie between GALERIA Kaufhof and the MyZeil shopping mall. The front, around 45 meters wide and with a transparent glass façade will afford a view of the Zeil shopping precinct on all levels. The four retail outlets on the ground floor are directly accessible from Zeil. The sales areas from the first to the sixth floor will have a direct link to the neighboring GALERIA Kaufhof department store. The seventh floor will house administration facilities and building services engineering. The upper three stories are set back by 3.60 meters and interact with the neighboring buildings.

Client: Frankfurt Objekt Zeil 112-114 GmbH
GFA: 34,210 m²
Completion: 2018
Photo: Ben Kuhlmann

01 | 09 | 2018

Bio-Pharmaceutical Enterprise Accelerator, Shenzhen

The urban design for the development of the biotechnology and innovation center envisages a gross floor space of more than 670,000 square meters on a site measuring some 11 hectares on the eastern edge of Shenzhen. In addition to hotels, apartments and retail, premises for new and developing start-ups for biomedicine and medical equipment are at the center of the biopharmaceutical
enterprise Acceloerators. Situated directly adjacent to a park with a lake, the quarter is evolving from a lower-rise, organic development into a prestigious, urban perimeter-block development. Three high-rises with heights of 100, 154 and 200 meters accentuate the corner points in the urban fabric in a striking manner. A skywalk will provide all-round access to the quarter for pedestrians, who can make their way from the lake to the urban cluster via expansive ramps and public plazas. The complex is designed such that pedestrians can reach every building without having to cross a single road. The planners have particularly taken the rainy, subtropical climate into account, with covered walkways and a comprehensive landscaping concept that envisages greened areas even up to the roofs of the high-rises.

Client: Shenzhen Pingshan District Industrial Investment Service Co., Ltd.
GFA: 672,425 m²
Competition: 09/2018, 1st Prize
Start of construction: 2019

01 | 07 | 2018

Car park Oskar-Meixner-Strasse, Mannheim

For the multi-storey car park on the campus in Mannheim, full-surface, homogeneous cladding made of bronze-coloured, anodised aluminium expanded metal plates was planned. The storey-high façade strips are offset in opposite directions. Starting from the two stairwells on the east and west sides, the shell folds like a curtain around the entire multi-storey car park with different deflections. Depending on the season, viewing angle and lighting conditions, a different appearance is created.

Client: TRIWO AG
Competition: 08/2017, 1st prize
Completion: 07/2018
Photo: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 06 | 2018

SAP, Eschborn

The headquarters of SAP, Europe's biggest software manufacturer, is built on a corner piece of land at the entrance to the Eschborn-Süd office park. SAP, the sole tenant, has use of 9,000 square meters of space spread over 11 floors. The largebox-type windows on the highendfaçade protrude some 30 centimeters to create a sculptural feel and ensure not only excellent light, but with their irregular configuration also give the newbuild a sense of dynamism and lightness.

Client: Groß & Partner GmbH with OFB Projektentwicklungs GmbH
GFA: 11,780 m²
Completion: 2018
Awards: LEED Gold Certification
Photo: Adrian Schulz

01 | 05 | 2018

Main building for the University of Applied Sciences of the Saarland, Saarbrücken

Client: Regional Authorities for central services, Saarland
GFA: 4,460 m²
GV: 22,440 m³
Competition: 07/2009, 2nd Prize + Mention of urban proposal
Completion: 05/2018

01 | 03 | 2018

Daimler Headquarters, Stuttgart

The Daimler Headquarters are located directly next to the main entrance to the Daimler Factory in Untertürkheim in Stuttgart and in the immediate vicinity of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. With its height of approximately 60 meters, the central administration building towers above almost all other buildings in the surrounding area and marks the main entrance to the plant. The new design binds the building sections from various construction phases in a façade made of dark anodized aluminum. With its refined grid and high degree of transparency, the façade gives the entrance area to the grounds an elegant and contemporary look. The modern admin building offers maximum flexibility for the implementation of current and future concepts for the working environment.

Client: Daimler Real Estate
GFA: 75,890 m²
Number of workplaces: 2,100
Competition: 2012, 1st prize
Completion: 03/2018
Photograph: Simon Menges

01 | 02 | 2018

Fisherman's Wharf, Shenzhen

On a peninsular at the mouth of Shekou fishing harbor there are plans for an ensemble that will be many things at once: a landmark, shopping center, hotel, residential and commercial building, and public plaza. Above a podium building housing a shopping center, three high rises then tower up, becoming ever more
striking the higher they get. Their façades feature winter gardens and bay windows, which in summer ensure cool air circulation and in winter a pleasant ambient temperature. The greened public hilly landscape beneath the ensemble is a particular feature of the design and a highlight of a 15-kilometer promenade along the bay.

Client: Shenzhen West Coast Fisherman’s Wharf Co., Ltd.
GFA: 202,600 m²
Height: 300 m
Competition: 02/2018

01 | 02 | 2018

Shenzhen Investment Building, Shenzhen

There are plans for a cluster of sixhigh-rises in the Qianwan district. Their striking lattice facades, which visually divide them into cubes, give them a strong presence in the urban landscape. Facade elements of different thicknesses improve their function as sun protection. Vertical, slit-like openings breakup the strict grid and afford a view of gardens, which continue the varied landscape scenarios at the foot of the high-rises upwards. Skywalks in the commercial pedestal zone link all six office towers with one another and the surroundings.

Client: Shenzhen Investment Holding development Co., Ltd
GFA: 120.000 m²
Height: 211 m
Stories: 46
Competition: 02/2018, Finalist

01 | 09 | 2017

Moxy Hotel, Frankfurt/Main

Client: Lang & Cie. Real Estate AG
GFA: 9.280 m²
Rooms: 220
Completion: 09/2017

01 | 08 | 2017

Güldenoffice, Braunschweig

The Güldenoffice closes one of the last gaps between buildings in downtown Braunschweig and is a striking structure in the cityscape. In a high-profile location between Güldenstrasse and Echternstrasse, its bright elements made of fiberglass-reinforced concrete give the façade momentum and spatial depth. Alongside office space, there are 12 condominiums on the top two levels of the six-story new build. There are car parking spaces at ground floor level and in the basement.

Client: Staake Investment & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 9,420 m²
GV: 31,500 m³
Competition: 01/2009, 1st prize
Completion: 08/2017
Photograph: Bastian Jäger

01 | 07 | 2017


The “UPPER WEST” in Berlin is divided into two sections. An eight-story office and commercial building with retail space opens out in the direction of Breitscheidplatz and Kurfürstendamm. The 35-story high-rise tower with a hotel and office space as well as a sky bar with up-market cuisine on the 32nd floor is directly adjacent. In the basement there is an underground parking garage with approx. 100 spaces.

Client: Strabag Real Estate GmbH
GFA: 66,990 m²
Height: 119 m
Completion: 07/2017
Architects: LANGHOF® and KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten
Photo: hiepler, brunier,
Award: DGNB certification in Gold,  FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Germany, Gold, 2018, FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence "Mixed-Use-Development" 2019

01 | 07 | 2017

Operating Center North - Hospital Rechts der Isar, Munich

The Klinikum rechts der Isar, the teaching hospital attached to the Technical University of Munich, accommodates a total of 33 specialist clinics and departments under a single roof. The construction of the new North Surgery Center extends the existing comb structure of the Neurology & Head Center. Via a slightly raised forecourt, a flight of steps leads visitors to the glass entrance hall of the extension, which also serves as a new lobby for the existing building. Alongside eight operating theaters, the extension also has normal and intensive care wards, as well as internal physicians’ duty areas.

Client: Free State of Bavaria
GFA: 12,800 m²
GV: 41,950 m³
VOF Commissioning: 11/2009
Completion: 08/2017
Capacity: 28 Beds / 8 Operating theaters

01 | 06 | 2017

Deutsche Bank Campus, Frankfurt/Main

A new bank building with a trading room has opened on Mainzer Landstrasse not far from the twin glass towers of Deutsche Bank. In order to have sufficient space for the roughly 2,000 work stations, the seven-story office block abutting the new building to the south and erected in 2003 by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, was included in the planning, and the two buildings connected. The new build is 45 meters high and sub-divided into eight full floors and a one story that is set back. It thus takes its cue from the surrounding buildings. A striking and above all unique façade runs along Mainzer Landstrasse for a total of 83 meters. The design centers on fostering unity in diversity: The structure of the natural stone frontage of the existing building, made of banded light grey gneiss was transposed onto the glass façade of the new build. The segmented façade with its anodized surface features floor-to-ceiling panes of glass positioned at different angles.

Client: Tishman Speyer Weserstraße LP S.a.r.l. Luxembourg
GFA: 52,830 m²
Number of workplace: approx. 2,000
Completion: 06/2017
Awards: LEED Platinum
Iconic Awards 2018 Innovative Architecture - Best of Best
Photographer: hiepler, brunier,

01 | 06 | 2017

Eco Cut

Eco Cut is a part of a collection which Carpet Concept developed with architects. Designed by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, this carpet is suitable for offices, homes, and hotels. The innovative terry loop fabric consists of two weaving patterns, which can be combined in any number of ways, and which given their differing grandeur create a refined effect. The variety of combinations means the carpet can be used to structure large areas. Eco Cut is available in muted, harmoniously matched nuances, and the range embraces 29 colors.

In cooperation with Carpet Concept

01 | 05 | 2017

ILB Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg, Potsdam

The design for the new building for Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB) in Potsdam features three structures, which are linked by a two-storey entrance hall. Each of the three sections has its own interior courtyard, which on one side opens out to the surroundings. As the pedestal storey, the “Auengeschoss” serves as the basis of the three pavilions and houses communicative facilities such as meeting rooms, a staff canteen, and a cafeteria.

Client: Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg ILB
GFA: 27,500 m²
GV: 118,900 m³
Competition: 05/2012, 1st Prize
Completion: 05/2017
Number of workplaces: 700
Photograph: Simon Menges

01 | 03 | 2017

Alea - Mainzer Landstrasse 330, Frankfurt/Main

The Gallus district of Frankfurt/Main has been transformed from an area in need of development to an attractive residential quarter. With approximately 300 apartments, the Alea is part of this transformation process. In order to integrate the new complex in the urban fabric, it was divided into separate structures. The individual buildings also make it easy for residents to identify with their homes. All the apartments are wheelchair-accessible, and the buildings meet the German “KfW-Effizienzhaus 70” environmental standard.

Client: GWH Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH Hessen
GFA: 67,430 m²
GV: 236,000 m³
Apartments: approx. 300
Start of construction: 2013
Completion: 03/2017
Photograph: Oliver Jaist

01 | 03 | 2017

Meixi Urban Helix, Changsha

The concept masterfully highlights the start of the new urban axis on Lake Meixi in the southwest of Changsha and creates a multi-functional, public space, which opens up to the city. The Meixi Urban Helix rises up above a man-made plateau in the lake; with a surface area of some 20,000 square meters it comprises a six to eight-meter wide accessible ramp, which spirals to a height of 34 meters. As a vantage point it affords visitors a panorama view of the planned urban expansion and of Lake Meixi, which is about 40 hectares in size. On the inside of the helix the ramp leads down a reverse-spin ramp from the highest point and becomes a raised urban axis that introduces visitors to the new district.

Client: City of Changsha
Area: ca. 20,000 m²
Spiral length: approx. 1 kilometer
Height: 30 meters
Diameter: approx. 88 meters
Competition: 01/2014, 1st prize
Completion: 03/2017
Awards: AL Design Awards 2018 Commendable Achievement Exterior Lighting
Iconic Awards 2018 Innovative Architecture - Winner
Photographer: Marcus Bredt

01 | 02 | 2017

Meine Mitte, Berlin

In the heart of Berlin, between Alexanderplatz, Checkpoint Charlie and Moritzplatz, stands the Meine Mitte housing ensemble. On the site at Alte Jakobstrasse, on one of the last remaining free spaces where the Wall once stood, a total of 102 owner-occupied apartments were built. Large floor-to-ceiling window openings, loggias, balconies and terraces emphasize the benefits of living here, the urban appeal, and
living in the midst of greenery. The residential build was designed to meet the KfW-Effizienzhaus-70 standard and was preawarded DGNB Gold certification.

Client: PATRIZIA Immobilien AG
GFA: 14,175 m²
Apartments: 102
Completion: 12/2016
Awards: DGNB Gold pre-certificate
Photograph: Adrian Schulz

01 | 01 | 2017

Vista, Frankfurt/Main

Client: Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH
GFA: 11,080 m²
GV: 43,500 m³
Completion: 01/2017
Work places: 650
Award: LEED Gold certificate
Photo: hiepler, brunier,

01 | 12 | 2016

Pine Tec Tower, Berlin

The design of the Pine Tec Tower on Otto Weidt Platz envisages a composite of timber, steel, and reinforced concrete. The visible timber structure on both the inside and outside make the high-rise highly innovative and unique in appearance. In terms of access and flexibility, the design follows the principle of a classic warehouse and town house in one. Along the courtyard façade, a glass arcade links two access cores and creates a communicative platform, which serves as an informal meeting point and, like a road, provides access to the adjacent small office units.

Client: DWI Gruppe
GFA: 13,900 m²
Height: 42 m
Competition: 12/2016, Recognition

01 | 12 | 2016

Creative Blocks 82, Hamburg

Their proximity to the water gives the Creative Blocks in the HafenCity district their particular character. With a closed façade, the northern part of the building along Versmannstrasse protectively surrounds the open-design apartments facing the water. The usage concept is geared to the requirements of the area’s inhabitants for great diversity in forms of living and mixed usage. Innovative »co-living« promotes neighborhood communities and provides an opportunity to rent guest apartments and event spaces at short notice. A large crafts workshop in the podium with shops and hospitality complements the mixed usage.

Client: GARBE Immobilien-Projekte GmbH
GFA: 19,945 m²
Apartments: 145
Competition: 12/2016, 1st Prize (Block 1)

01 | 10 | 2016

Institute buildings for the Chemistry and Material Science/ Geoscience faculties at Darmstadt Technical University

Major refurbishment of the sheaths will ensure that the buildings, which were built between 1970 and 1973, meet modern-day teaching and research requirements. The aim is also to improve the functional and spatial organization of the various units in the Department of Chemistry and create a communal group of facilities for the Departments of Chemistry, and Materials and Geosciences.

Client: Darmstadt Technical University
GFA: 35,230 m²
GV: 189,920 m³
Completion: 2016
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 08 | 2016

Deutsche Telekom AG - City Nord, Hamburg

Given the high-profile location of the site in Hamburg’s City Nord district, a nine-story building with a dynamic shape was designed. The dual comb-like structure is clearly legible, and with its strong presence in the urban fabric certainly catches the eye. The structure creates attractive forecourts and access situations. Public and semi-public usages on the ground floor, such as retail and hospitality outlets, bring more life to urban space. The comb-like structure chosen determines how the office building is structured on the inside. All sections in it can be reached swiftly via the central main access corridor, the boulevard as it were.

Client: TAS Überseering Conico GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 47,930 m²
Number of workplaces: approx. 1.600
Completion: 09/2016
Awards: LEED Gold Certificate
Photograph: Bastian Jäger

01 | 06 | 2016

Extension St. Josefs Krankenhaus, Potsdam

The St. Josefs Hospital in Potsdam was modernized and extended in two phases. The entire hospital ensemble, located on the southeast edge of the gardens of Schloss Sanssouci, is heritage listed and in particular the specifications as regards heritage garden regulations had to be upheld and the original lines of vision thus preserved. The modernization gave rise to a concentrated, functionally wellstructured hospital with clear access points. To this end, the old buildings were linked by a transparent, two-story entrance and access building. After the first phase, completed in 2006, a total of 255 hospital beds were available. The expansion of the St. Josefs Hospital in the second phase includes a three-story and a four-story wing, extending the existing building on Zimmermannstrasse. On the ground floor, there will be
rooms for functional diagnostics, endoscopy, the new Outpatients desk and a cardiac cath lab. The three wards will have a total of 104 beds. The construction work was undertaken without operations needing to be stopped and was completed in 2016.

Client: St. Josefs Krankenhaus Potsdam gGmbH
GFA: 8,800 m²
GV: 35,000 m³
Capacity: 105 Beds
Completion: 06/2016
Photo: Simon Menges
Architect: MARON.RINNE Architekten (Execution planning and site supervision)

01 | 06 | 2016

Hamburg Süd Headquarters, Hamburg

On behalf of the long-standing shipping company Hamburg Süd completely refurbished its headquarters in Hamburg and added a new 7-story office building complete with an underground car park boasting around 120 spaces. The existing listed building, which was designed by Prof. Cäsar Pinnau and dates from the 1960, was totally refurbished and had a storey added. The renewal of the high-rise's facade is a further measure intended to create a pleasant working environment for the around 800 employees of the shipping company throughout the complex.

Client: Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft KG
GFA: 29,000 m²
Storeys: 15
Height: 55 m
Completion: 06/2016
Awards: BDA Prize Hamburg 2018, 1st prize
Photo: Klaus Frahm

01 | 04 | 2016

Tower 90, Frankfurt/Main

The competition entry for the Tower 90 residential high-rise on Güterplatz in Frankfurt's Europaviertel consists of a 27-story residential tower and a 6-8-story perimeter block that surrounds the tower on three sides. The 27-story residential tower, with its discerning design and innovative and pioneering construction, is defined by its unique greening concept. The greened, projecting outdoor spaces help improve the microclimate in the immediate surroundings. Turning the ceilings out of position makes the individual apartments clearly visible and gives the outdoor areas privacy.

Client: Europa-Allee Wohnen gsp GmbH and ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING
GFA: 26.150 m²
Height: 95 m
Stories: 27
Apartments: 196
Competition: 04/2016, 3rd Prize

01 | 03 | 2016

Le Quartier Central Worringerstrasse, Düsseldorf

In the immediate vicinity of Am Wehrhahn, a complete residential block is under development along Worringerstrasse. A closed perimeter block development will replace occasional commercial buildings. The design envisages 17 six-story buildings with an additional penthouse level linked with one another. Open pathways through the inner courtyard and appealing open spaces enhancethe ground floor area. In addition to approx. 474 subsidized and free-market apartments, small retail outlets and a nursery are envisaged.

Client: bema.® DEVELOPMENT GmbH
GFA: 61.750 m²
Apartments: 474
Competition: 03/2016, 1st Prize
Completion: 2020
Awards: Urban District DGNB Gold certification

01 | 03 | 2016

L. Headquarters

The design envisages an ensemble of circular buildings which blends in sensitively with its surroundings. Horizontal access on the ground floor links all sections with one another. The conference area and canteen are located here, and the ground floor also serves as an informal communication zone. On the office levels above, the building’s timber framework has openings extending over several stories and affording views of the surrounding countryside. Given the building’s special shape, all the workstations are aligned along the façade, and as such have optimum light.

Client: not specified
GFA: 49.370 m²
Competition: 03/2016, 2nd prize

01 | 03 | 2016

MesseCity, Cologne

A new, mixed-usage quarter is under construction on the 5.4-hectare site between the southern entrance to the Koelnmesse trade fair grounds and the Deutz inter-city railroad station. The design of the three Zurich Group buildings envisaged in the western section of MesseCity is based on that by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten. In future a 60-meter high-rise with 16 stories and two seven-story peripheral blocks will form a prestigious ensemble, which with its clinker façades will reference the adjoining 1920s trade fair buildings.

Client: MesseCity Köln 1 GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 71,000 m²
Competition of façade: 02/2016, 1st Prize
Completion: 2018/2019
Awards: DGNB Gold Certification intended

25 | 11 | 2015

Shenzhen Art Museum and Library, Shenzhen

The design consists of three elements, which together form an ensemble: an art museum, a library and archive, and in the middle a public space, the ‘Culture Plaza’. A stone podium some six meters high forms the base of the museum, library, and plaza. The main concept behind the design was to create a space that brings together art, culture, and an urban environment – a space where people and culture are encouraged to interact. The library, whose footprint, like that of the museum, measures 80 x 90 meters, features a four-storey reading room with approx. 2,200 desks and a large skylight that floods it with natural daylight. The archive is located in the podium and on the basement levels.

Client: Shenzhen Art Museum and Shenzhen Library
GFA Museum: approx. 65,660 m²
GFA Library: approx. 71,950 m²
GFA total: approx. 137,610 m²
Competition: 11/2015, 1st prize
Award: Shenzhen Architecture Design Prize, 1st prize

01 | 10 | 2015

KUKA AG Development and Technology Center, Augsburg

Client: KUKA AG
GFA: 27.100 m²
Start of construction: 04/2014
Completion: 10/2015

01 | 06 | 2015

Leben am Ostpark, Munich

With its striking silhouette, this residential complex is a defining feature of Munich’s Neuperlach district. Its structural form corresponds to a block development, which is modified, however, by slanting roofs, so that all the apartments and the courtyard enjoy optimum natural light, ensuring they are welcoming places. The courtyard is designed as a communicative central point. Shops, a café and a nursery on the ground floor provide numerous opportunities for informal contact – the best prerequisites for good community spirit.

Client: ZIMA Projektentwicklung Deutschland GmbH & Co. Perlach KG
GFA: 26,500 m²
Apartments: 139
Completion: 06/2015

01 | 06 | 2015

HumboldtHafenEins, Berlin

Together with the envisaged perimeter block development, the new seven-to-eight storey building at the Humboldt Docks creates a clear street wall. As a result of the meandering shape of the structure, the courtyards on the upper storeys, which are used as offices, the courtyards open outwards. This gives all the rental units in the office building a view of Humboldt Docks and the River Spree. Arcades and public facilities such as cafés and restaurants are envisaged along the promenade running along Humboldt Docks.

Client: OVG Humboldthafen Eins SE
GFA: 45,500 m²
GV: 145,700 m³
Competition: 04/2011, 1st Prize
Completion: 06/2015
Awards: DGNB Paltinum certification
Immobilienmanager Award 2016
Photos: hiepler, brunier,

01 | 05 | 2015

Maintor Patio, Frankfurt/Main

The MainTor Patio is a building with approx. 92 high-end rented and service apartments, as well as hospitality outlets and commercial space on the ground floor. The accommodation ranges from bedsits and 1-bedroom apartments measuring between 28 and 60 square meters to two and three-bedroom apartments measuring approx. 80 to 115 square meters. The residential building is designed to meet the latest stipulations of the Energy Saving Decree (EnEV) (2009 version of EnEV 2009 with 2012 version as target). There is parking for approx. 135 cars in the underground parking garage.

Client: GEG Development GmbH
GFA: 13,100 m²
Start of construction: 2013
Completion: 2015
Apartments: 92

01 | 04 | 2015

SOLID Home, Frankfurt/Main

This 21-storey residential high-rise is under construction in Frankfurt’s Europaviertel district. While the U-shaped, six-storey pedestal structure adopts the linear thrust of the surrounding buildings, the approximately 60-metre high residential block is staggered at several levels in a westerly direction. Flexibility, openness and modularity in the apartments’ footprints characterize this new 191- apartment building. High-quality, robust materials are the defining feature of its external appearance. The design of the residential tower and pedestal block emerged as the winner in a competition.

Client:  Bauwerk Capital GmbH & Co. KG and Red Square GmbH
GFA: 30,180 m²
Apartments: 200
Height: 60m
Competition: 04/2015, 1st prize
Completion: 2017

01 | 01 | 2015

Siemens Campus, Erlangen

The Siemens Campus in Erlangen is under construction on the former Siemens site to the south of the city and will constitute a new, open, and modern district. With a surface area of around 54 hectares, the Campus will be realized in a total of seven construction phases. The buildings in the first phase (module 1) will be occupied as early as 2020. All the new structures in the second phase, including the new reception building, will be built as innovative timber hybrids together with the Zech Group AG. This method saves around 80 percent CO2, needs two thirds less concrete, and reduces the construction time considerably. Germany’s largest timber hybrid building site, the Siemens Campus will be realized in several phases through 2030.

Client: Siemens AG
Construction company: Zech Group AG, Bremen
Land: approx. 54 hectares
Offices: approx. 420,000 m²
Residential: approx. 135,000 m²
Other facilities: approx. 295,000 m²
Competition: 01/2015, 1st prize
Laying of the foundation stone: 12/2016 (Phase 1), 10/2019 (Phase 2)

01 | 01 | 2015

Maintor, Frankfurt/Main

The ‘Maintor Quartier’ in Frankfurt/Main is being built at the interface between the banking district, the Old Town, and cultural institutions, close to the ‘Zeil’ shopping precinct and the banks of the River Main. Based on a master plan drawn up by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, an urban quarter featuring offices, commerce, and apartments, as well as various public facilities is under construction on the former Degussa site. The Primus, Porta, and Panorama towers, not to mention the approx. 110-meter WinX office high-rise, will be highpoints of the new quarter that are visible from afar.

Client: GEG Development GmbH
Gross Area: 21,000 m²
GFA: 105,000 m²
Completion: 2019
Award: MIPIM Award 2012
Photo: hiepler, brunier,

01 | 12 | 2014

Maintor - Porta, Frankfurt/Main

Coming from Frankfurt’s Old Town the »MainTor Porta« office high - rise marks the beginning of the new quarter. The 70 - meter- high tower boasts a befitting natural stone façade. The flexible office space can be adapted to meet tenants’ individual needs. Large roof terraces with a view of the skyline are an attractive feature for users.

Client: GEG Development GmbH
GFA: 32,900 m²
Start of construction: 2011
Completion: 2014
Height: 70 m
Photographer: Stefan Schilling
Award: DGNB platinum certificate

01 | 12 | 2014

Maintor Primus, Frankfurt/Main

The 46-meter-high MainTor Primus benefits from its central location and the proximity to Frankfurt’s central business district. The high-quality natural stone façade with floor-to-ceiling windows meets present-day requirements for a modern office building. Outside sun protection, windows that can be opened and the use of environmentally-friendly materials ensure a pleasant ambiance.

Client: GEG Development GmbH
GFA: 7,560 m²
GV: 26,855 m³
Start of construction: 09/2011
Completion: 2014
Height: 46 m
Awards: DGNB Platinum Certificate
Photo: Stefan Schilling

01 | 12 | 2014

Childrens Hospital, Shanghai

A Chinese property developer has commissioned KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten International with designing a children’s hospital as part of the ‘Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical City’. The Chinese State and the City of Shanghai provide the funding for the development of this medical care center. In cooperation with the Fudan University a children’s hospital will be realized, that will offer a comprehensive range of medical services that will meet the growing need for modern high-quality medical care. The building is structured as a three-storey podium and a two-storey block of approx. 90 meters long that houses the 100 patients’ rooms (the ward block). The podium accommodates all of the medical facilities. Located between the podium and the ward block, the administration level serves to separate the two areas visually. The architectural design concept specifies the use of friendly, warm and natural colors. On the inside of the building the colors serve to designate important points of contact (such as information points), on the outside they form part of the façade design. 

Client: Vanke
GFA: 30,000 m²
Beds: 110
OPs: 4
Completion: 2019

01 | 11 | 2014

ELEMENTS Eschenheimer Turm, Frankfurt/Main

The ELEMENTS Eschenheimer Turm offers guests a comphrensive range of sports and wellness facilities spread across three stories and with a total footprint of more than 3,500 sq.m. The typical design elements include the wooden reception desk with the white Corian "check-in" boxes and the "green wall" that integrates green plants from the Swiss mountains into the club. The high-grade interior design boasting natural materials such as wood, stone and glass mosaics fosters a natural sporting and feel-good world. The entrance zone eye-catcher: the wall-to-ceiling, matt-golden "Turkish Baths Lantern", which radiates from within thanks to countless spherical luminaires inside it.

Developer: Migros Freizeit Deutschland GmbH
GFA: 3,600 m²
Completion: 11/2014
Photographer: Stefan Schilling
Awards: Iconic Award 2015 - Winner, German Design Award 2016 – Special Mention

01 | 07 | 2014

Wasserwelt, Braunschweig

The building complex consists of a swimming and bathing world, which is integrated into the Okertal meadows, a transparent entry level, and a floating roof structure that is clad with a façade consisting of aluminum blinds. The bathing world inside blends almost seamlessly with the natural countryside of the Oker meadows. The lines dividing inside and outside are eliminated in visual terms. In keeping with the respective usage, the different zones (sports, fun, contemplation) each have a unique identity of their own and an appropriate atmosphere. Wasserwelt is designed to cater to some 500,000 visitors a year.

Client: Stadtbad Braunschweig Sport & Freizeit GmbH
GFA: 14,100 m²
GV: 71,500 m³
Competition: 11/2005, 2nd Prize
Completion: 07/2014
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer
Awards: Peter Joseph Krahe - Prize 2015, Special mention

01 | 06 | 2014

VAU Mainzer Landstrasse 23, Frankfurt/Main

Client: West Register PRIME Frankfurt ML GmbH
GFA: 28,900 m²
Completion: kA

01 | 05 | 2014

Turmcarrée, Frankfurt/Main

Client: Turmcarrée Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG
GFA: 14,400 m²
GV: 57,190 m³
Completion: 2014
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 04 | 2014

Taunusanlage 11, Frankfurt/Main

As part of the revitalization work the 17-story office tower was stripped down to the reinforced concrete skeleton and the outdated building services engineering renewed. The façade was replaced and fitted with new thermal insulation. The new outer skin is conceived as a prefabricated segmented façade and consists of a box window structure with heat-insulating triple glazing, impact panes and sun protection between the window panes.

Client: PRIME Frankfurt Taunusanlage 11 S.a r.l.
GFA: 16,200 m²
GV: 61,150 m³
Completion: 04/2014
Award: DGNB Gold certification
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 04 | 2014

Réinventer Paris, Clichy-Batignolles

In the context of a competition organised by the City of Paris, KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten have designed a plus energy house. The property Clichy-Batignolles will be functioning as a link between the city centre and the disctrict Clichy, as well as an economic driver and catalyser for future developments of this neighbourhood. The task was to create apartments for different generations, such as students and the elderly, as well as offices. The energy self-sufficient architectural complex also integrates different architectural measures for energy efficiency and savings.

Client: Ville de Paris
Site: 15.000 m²
Competition: 2014

01 | 03 | 2014

Citygate, Stuttgart

With its projections and recesses the “Citygate” office building takes up the heights of the surrounding buildings and the lines of the street. The glass entrance area divides the structure into two parts, thereby creating two comparable sections. The flexible office space in “Citygate” can be sub-divided into four units per storey (400 m²). Accentuated by color, the window soffits and the regular seam of the light natural stone facade emphasize the sculptural shape of the edifice.

Client: CEREP Peak GmbH / The Carlyle Group
GFA: 26,000 m²
GV: 90,000 m³
Competition: 09/2008, 1st Prize
Completion: 03/2015
Number of workplaces: 680
Awards: DGNB platinum certificate
Immobilienaward 2015 - Metropolregion Stuttgart - Mention
Photographer: Oliver Rieger

01 | 12 | 2013

Bockenheimer Landstrasse 13-15, Frankfurt/Main

Client: Allianz Real Estate Germany GmbH
GFA: 4,740 m²
GV: 13,570 m³
Completion: 12/2013
Number of workplaces: ca. 90
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 10 | 2013

Office building at the park / BT 10, Wolfsburg

Client: Volkswagen AG K-SF-F/6
GFA: 25.000 m²
Competition: 08/2011, 1st Prize
completion: 10/2013
Number of workplaces: 700
Awards: German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) Platinum certificate
Photo: Detlev Wecke

01 | 06 | 2013

10 Charlotte, Luxembourg

The new Luxembourg domicile of international law firm Clifford Chance is located in a prominent position on Boulevard Grande Duchesse Charlotte in the center of the country’s capital city. The design takes up the line of the street blocks and the scale of the surroundings. Despite its different shape and facade materials, the office building, which boasts three full storeys and a penthouse, forms a harmonious ensemble together with the neighboring edifice.

Client: CERYX S.A.
GFA: 6,900 m²
GV: 24,200 m³
Workplaces: approx. 250
Competition: 09/2007, 1st Prize
Completion: 2013
Awards: BREEAM certification "very good"
Photo: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 06 | 2013

Three court gymnasium, Wolfsburg

A building in its own right, the triple sports hall immediately adjoins the existing multi-storey car park on Heinrich Heine Strasse, which as part of the building measures was refurbished and clad with Photovoltaic elements. The sports hall will be used by neighboring schools and sports clubs. The new design of the car park's facade helps forge a link between the existing and new structures. In terms of urban design the ensemble of old and new upgrades the area, which is dominated by its proximity to Neue Schule Wolfsburg, the listed courtyards and important cultural facilities such as CongressPark and the theater. The new build's frontage boasts metallic cladding that features abstract motifs from the world of sport in the form of different-size perforations. Skylights and large expanses of glass provide natural lighting in the triple sports hall, fostering transparency and visual interaction between the interior of the hall and the road outside. A light, economical timber load-bearing structure spans the divisible hall.

Client: Stadt Wolfsburg
GFA: 2,160 m²
GV: 15,290 m³
Competition: 04/2011, 1st Prize
Completion: 2013

01 | 06 | 2013

LEOS, Munich

The new build abuts directly on the existing building to the north. Across some 5,000 m² of gross floor area he provides premises for retail outlets and flexible office configurations on the upper floors. The office ground plans enable the offices to be configured exactly as required. The building is staggered on the side facing away from the street – across several setbacks, and boasts a roof terrace on the top floor. The 6-storey new build stands out for its modern façade and a two-storey glazed base area. Window openings are arranged asymmetrically. For the section on the southern corner which includes both the entrance to the inner courtyard and as per planning regulations is set at a distance to the neighboring building, the façade design is highlighted by spacious glass wrapping round the corner, creating a frame connecting the two stories in visual terms. On the side facing Leopoldstrasse, the building has large display windows for the retail spaces. The underground car port has some 30 parking spaces.

Client: Momeni Leopoldstraße 23 GmbH
GFA: 5,390 m²
GV: 19,460 m³
Completion: 06/2013
Photographer: Oliver Heissner

01 | 03 | 2013

MÜ 15 Rohde & Schwarz, Munich

The 6-story office and laboratory building “MÜ15” built for around 600 employees is part of a further expansion of communications technology group Rohde & Schwarz’s Munich headquarters. Along with the office complex that boasts a gross surface area (GSA) of 25,000 sq. m is a new parking deck with 330 spaces and a cafeteria-pavilion. Together with the existing buildings, the new buildings create an innovative campus atmosphere. Around 13,500 sq. m. of office space are able to accommodate all varieties of office environment (individual and group offices, combi-offices, and open space offices). The façade is state-of-the-art in terms of design, with the materials selected, such as glass and aluminum façade panels, standing for technical precision, transparency, and innovation.

Client: Rohde & Schwarz Immobilienmanagement GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 25,000 m²
2008 / 1st Prize in peer review
Completion: 07/2013
Photo: Rohde & Schwarz
Interior Design Canteen: Landau + Kindelbacher Architekten

01 | 03 | 2013

Rhein-Main-Hallen, Wiesbaden

The three trade fair halls required become the compositional theme of a structural ensemble configured like a pavilion: the first edifice, the large multi-function hall occupies the site at the corner of Friedrich Ebert Allee and Rheinstrasse and references the historical State Museum. Setting the middle hall back creates an attractive forecourt with a befitting driveway. A main thoroughfare connects the individual halls, which can thus be put to flexible use. On the underground levels there is a two-storey car park.

Client: TriWiCon Eigenbetrieb für Messe, Kongress und Tourismus
GFA: 43,490 m²
GV: 333,025 m³
Competition: 03/2013, 2nd prize

01 | 01 | 2013

Laboratory Building of the University Würzburg

The chemistry center at the University of Würzburg is made up of several laboratory buildings configured around a main building. The laboratory buildings, which date from the 1970s, no longer meet current safety standards and the present-day requirements of state-of-the-art research facilities and workplaces. For this reason they were completely refurbished.

Client: Free State of Bavaria
GFA: 20,660 m²
GV: 77,900 m³
Completion: 01/2013
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 01 | 2013

Truman Plaza, Berlin

Client: STOFANEL Investment AG
GFA: 12,110 m²
Apartments: 65
Competition: 11/2010
Start of construction: 2012

01 | 12 | 2012

Office Building Pariser Höfe, Stuttgart

In collaboration with another firm of architects from Munich, the new office and residential buildings are being built on the ‘Stuttgart 21’ site. The seven-story office building, which  has a gross surface area (GSA) of 12,600 sq. m., concludes the construction plot in the direc - tion of Athener Strasse, with a residential edifice rounding out the section. The eaves and  the heights of the office and residential buildings have been carefully coordinated and make  a harmonious overall impression. The façade of the upper stories is clad in light natural stone.

Client: Reiss & Co. Real Estate GmbH
GFA: 12,600 m²
GV: 46,600 m³
Competition: 03/2008, 1st Prize
Completion: 2013
Number of workplaces: ca. 360
Award: DGNB Silver certification

01 | 11 | 2012

High School Thusneldastrasse, Cologne

Client: Gebäudewirtschaft der Stadt Köln
GFA: 8,070 m²
Competition: 11/2012, 1st prize

01 | 11 | 2012

WAZ Media Office, Essen

Client: WAZ Mediengruppe
Site: 12,100 m²
GFA: 36,000 m²
Work places: approx. 1,000
Competition: 10/2012, 1st prize

01 | 11 | 2012

Dual Tower for High-Tech Park, Foshan

The 170-meter-high landmark office tower denotes the start of the new business district in the city of Foshan, China. The dual towers, the upper stories of which are linked, making them reminiscent of a gateway building, can easily take as many as around 4,850 work-spaces. The building was specially designed with the subtropical local climate in mind and with a view to keeping resources and the emission of pollutants to a minimum. Horizontal fins, which protrude from the glass skin and regulate the temperature in the building through"adiabatic" or condensation cooling, are a special feature of the sustainable design of the high-rise.

Client: Foshan City High-Tech Service Industry Development Co., Ltd.
GFA: 170,000 m²
Height: 170 m
Stories: 43
Number of workplaces: 4,850
Competition: 11/2012, 1st prize

01 | 11 | 2012

Vietnamesische Nationalbibliothek, Hanoi

The National Library of Vietnam was founded in 1917 and is the country's main library. The 13,680-square-meter site is located on the Kiem Lake Belt in downtown Hanoi. Parts ofthe existing buildings will be preserved and new ultra-modern structures added. The library, which has around 2,000 visitors daily, is accessed via a central lobby. In addition to approx.two million books it also houses all the historical written documents that have been handeddown in Vietnam.

Tender: National Library of Vietnam
GFA: 35,000 m²
Study: 11/2012

01 | 10 | 2012

Evangelisches Werk, Berlin

This office building houses some 640 employees and is the head office of Diakonisches Werk der Evangelischen Kirche in Germany and of Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst. The building consists of two L-shaped volumes that share a central atrium. In addition to office and administrative sections, the building also has conference facilities, a library, an inhouse restaurant, a café and a place of worship. With its narrow footprint, it fits smoothly into the locality and functions as a strong point of identity for the users.

Client: Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH mit der Tochterfirma MK1 am Nordbahnhof GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 23,000 m²
Completion: 10/2012
Number of workplaces: 700
Photographer: Jan Bitter

Awards: DGNB Gold Certificate

01 | 10 | 2012

Dental, Oral Medicine and Orthodontic Center at Leipzig University Clinic

The previously separate facilities in the dental clinic will be brought together in the new building. The 3.5-story edifice (incl. mezzanine) creates a new entrance to the main campus and with regard to choice of material and colors references the existing clinic buildings. On the inside, warm colors ensure a friendly atmosphere.

Client: Universitätsklinikum Leipzig AöR
GFA: 7,800 m²
GV: 31,130 m³
Competition: 09/2008, 3rd Prize    
Commissioning: as of Performance Phase 3 in Parts, Performance Phase 4-9 in their Entirety, Realization of the First Prize (Design: SSP Planung GmbH)
Completion: 10/2012
Capacity: ca. 50 Treatment units
Photographer: Michael Moser

01 | 10 | 2012

ELEMENTS at Donnersberger Brücke, Munich

ELEMENTS at Donnersberger Brücke in Munich is the first Swiss high-end fitness and wellness studio in Germany. The new studio concept, featuring sport, fitness, sauna and relaxation facilities, is the first of what will be further fitness studios in German metropolitan regions. Inside, high-quality natural materials such as wood and natural stone predominate, creating an Alpine mountain atmosphere and a pleasant environment for sport and leisure time.

Client: Migros Freizeit Deutschland GmbH
GFA: 2,000 m²
Start of planning: 03/2011
Completion: 10/2012
Photographer: Johannes Seyerlein

01 | 10 | 2012

Conversion of the ICC, Berlin

The concept study for the conversion of the International Congress Center (ICC) in Berlininto the new Central and Regional Library is based on the company's 2008 expert refurbishmentreport. Instead of the two large conference halls the conversion concept envisages anopen reading area, which can be used flexibly as study, working, and leisure areas. An openstaircase leads visitors directly into the library hall. The façade will be refurbished to make itmore energy efficient, while the supporting framework, on the other hand, will for the mostpart be preserved.

Client: Not specified
GFA: 85,000 m²
GV: 127,000 m³
Reading spaces: approx. 4,000
Media: approx. 1,5 Millions
Visitors: approx. 10,000 daily
Study: 10/2012

01 | 09 | 2012

‘Zehlendorfer Welle’ sports hall, Berlin

The brief was to erect a two-pitch sports hall on the roof of an existing two-storey building in the ‘Zehlendorfer Welle’ shopping and health center in Berlin, which blended in with the highly expressive building ensemble. The calm cube takes up the clear, modern formal language of the existing buildings, while nonetheless, given the choice of materials, being perceived as an entity in its own right. When it is dark the sports hall’s translucent facade lights up the neighboring buildings in the ‘Zehlendorfer Welle’ like a lantern.

Client: OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH
Tenant: Freie Schule Anne-Sophie, Berlin
GFA: 1,390 m²
GV: 10,530 m³
Completion: 09/2012
Photo: Jan Bitter

01 | 09 | 2012

Hammerbrook Höfe, Hamburg

The Deutsche Bahn AG Directorate for its North region features seven storeys and space for some 950 work stations. The subsidiaries, hitherto scattered around town, have now been brought together under a single roof. The centrally located office building benefits from advantages such as proximity to downtown Hamburg, prime transport links, and the prime leisure-time qualities of the nearby shoreline.

Client: HBH Büro GmbH&Co.KG,Deutsche Immobilien AG und AUG. PRIEN Immobilien
GFA: 35,000 m²
GV: 129,000 m³
Completion: 09/2012
Number of workplaces: 950
Photographer: Oliver Heissner

Awards: DGNB Certification in Silver

01 | 06 | 2012

Batumi City Tower, Batumi

Client: Province of Adjara / City of Batumi
GFA: 30,000 m²
GV: 112,000 m³
Competition: 06/2012
Height: 120 m

01 | 05 | 2012

Anschutz MK 6.3, Berlin

Clinet: Anschutzgruppe, Hines
GFA Officebuilding: 14,800 m²
GFA Living: 15,200 m²
Study: 05/2012
Number of workplaces: approx. 600

01 | 05 | 2012

Medical Clinic, Freiburg

The extension built in the north of the Medical Clinic site has room for 56 beds. The three-story new clinic building is divided into three square sections measuring 28 x 30 meters, each of which is linked by an atrium. The main corridor is the primary access route. It makes it easy for people to find their way around and links the new structure with the entire clinic.

Client: Land Baden - Württemberg represented by Universitätsbauamt Freiburg
GFA: 20,400 m²
GV: 86,600 m³
Capacity: 56 Beds
Competition: 2000, 1st Prize
Completion: 05/2012
Photographer: Oliver Kern, Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 05 | 2012

Art Museum, Tianjin

The new Art Museum forms part of the urban development project for a 90-hectare cultural and recreational site in Tianjin, China. The gallery has space for temporary exhibitions and rooms for four permanent exhibitions, namely on Chinese calligraphy, Western art, sculpture, and Modern art. The front of the stone cube with precise indentations and main entrance opens on to the nearby lake. This way, natural and cultural space unite to create an overall experience.

Client: Tianjin Headquarter of Key Planning Bureau of Urban Planning
GFA: 33,000 m²
Competition: 02/2009, 1st Prize
Completion: 05/2012
Photographer: Shuhe Photography
Award: ICONIC Award - Category "Architecture - Public"

01 | 05 | 2012

RKM 740 Residential high-rise, Düsseldorf

The design for the residential tower with a medical center in the pedestal makes the attractive view of the River Rhine the architectural focal point. With a generous panoramic façade and loggias, the southern side of the residential tower opens out over the Rhine. On the predominantly sealed northern façade, the panorama elevators, the building’s “spine”, create an open, vertical seam.

Client: Düsseldorf Rheinblick GmbH
GFA: 19,400 m²
Competition: 05/2012, 3rd Prize

01 | 05 | 2012

Living and Hotel at river Spree, Berlin

Client: Agromex GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 40,900 m²
Apartments: 198
Competition: 05/2012, Finalist

01 | 05 | 2012

Grüne Mitte Residential development, Essen

The new quarter boasts a high level of residential property, offices, hospitality outlets, as well as areas of greenery and expanses of water. The six four-story residential buildings with a penthouse story overlook the park. Each of the apartments, 98 in total, has one room which can be allocated to one or another apartment and adapted to meet the individual needs of the residents.

Client: Versorgungswerk der Architektenkammer NRW
Gross Area: 7,700 m²
GFA: 12,000 m²
Apartments: 98
Competition: 05/2012, 2nd Prize

01 | 05 | 2012

Gustav-Heinemann-Quartier, Cologne

Client: Tauton Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG
GFA: 28,700 m²
Gross area: 24,500 m²
Competition: 05/2012, 3rd Prize

01 | 04 | 2012

Surgical Clinic, University Medical Center, Ulm

The Surgical Clinic has 15 operating theaters, 235 regular care and 80 intensive care beds and is divided into a two to three-story pedestal housing all the functional areas and a “hovering” building, in which the wards are located. Openings in varying colors create a special lighting atmosphere in every patient’s room. Four warm hues, yellow, orange, red, and brown, are part of the design concept and are to be found throughout the building. They ensure a friendly, light ambiance.

Client: Universitätsklinikum Ulm
GFA: 68,470 m²
GV: 314,000 m³
Competition: 06/2001, 1st Prize
Completion: 04/2012
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

Awards: "2013 Award for Outstanding Healthcare Facilities" bestowed by AKG
2014 BDA prize Hugo-Häring - Mention

01 | 04 | 2012

Musée de L‘Afrique, Algiers

The Museum is one of the major cultural projects known as the “Grands Projets
Culturels” that are to be realized in the capital city Algiers. A gesture that is
visible from afar in the Bay of Algiers, the structure is divided into four significant
exhi-bition towers that rise up above a pedestal. Adapted to meet the climatic
conditions and comprising perforated metal caskets, the elegant façade forms a
homogeneous sheath that surrounds the entire ensemble, concealing the
openings on a second level.

Client: ARPC-Agence nationale des Grands Projets de la Culture
GFA: 20,200 m²
Competition: 04/2012

01 | 04 | 2012

Hotel at Messedamm, Berlin

Client: n/a
GFA: 30,000 m²
Study: 04/2012

01 | 04 | 2012

Trade Fair Cologne

Client: Koelnmesse GmbH
Study: 04/2012
GFA: 19,200 m²

01 | 03 | 2012

Henninger Tower, Frankfurt/Main

Client: Actris GmbH
GFA: 35,000 m²
GV: 220,000 m³
Apartments: 330
Competition: 03/2012

01 | 03 | 2012

China Culture Center, Changzhou

Client: Government Changzhou
GFA: 362,310 m²

Competition: 03/2012

01 | 01 | 2012

Air China Blue Sky Tower, Chengdu

The 180-meter-high tower has room for a total of 5,470 workstations. Conceived as a green building, the design of the high-rise is exemplary in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. The façade and highly effective sun protection are key elements in the energy engineering concept. Horizontal “Fins” that emerge from the glass skin cool the tower and ensure high energy efficiency.

Client: Air China
GFA: 124,000 m²
GV: 490,820 m³
Competition: 01/2012, 1st Prize
Height:180 m

01 | 01 | 2012

Bürohochhaus am Kunstcampus, Berlin

Client: CA Immo Kunstcampus
GFA: 17,000 m²
Start of planning: 01/2012

01 | 01 | 2012

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba

Client: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
GFA: 103,440 m²
Competition: 01/2012
Height: 185 m

01 | 01 | 2012

Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse, Frankfurt/Main

Client: Projekt Wilhelm Leuschner GmbH
GFA: 12,000 m²
GV: 43,240 m³
Apartments: 50
Study: 01/2012

01 | 12 | 2011

Zillestrasse, Berlin

Client: Bauwert Zillestraße GmbH
GFA: 2,440 m²
Apartments: 12
Expertise: 07/2011, 1st Prize
Start of planning: 12/2011

01 | 12 | 2011

Kattreppeln, Braunschweig

The new building with the listed facade facing the interior courtyard has space for retail outlets on the ground floor and first floors, and offices on the second and third storeys. Large windows dominate the facade in the direction of ‘Kattreppeln’ shopping street. With its windows, offset against each other by storey, the front affords interesting views both in and out. In the style of the surrounding buildings it is clad in natural stone.

Client: Grundstücksgesellschaft "Alte Post" GmbH & Co. Vermögens KG
GFA: 6,920 m²
Completion: 12/2011
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer

01 | 10 | 2011

Residential Complex Neue Burg, Wolfsburg

As part of the redesign and transformation of this 1960s residential development in Wolfsburg, the existing buildings were lowered to four stories and a penthouse story and roof terrace added. The 116 apartments were given a contemporary footprint and, with a primary energy requirement of approx. 35 KWh(m²/a) meet the standard for new buildings. Balconies, loggias, and terraces create a new appearance and emphasize the location’s proximity to natural surroundings at the edge of the forest. 

Client: Neuland Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH
GFA: 11,150 m²
GV: 25,000 m³
Completion: 2011
Apartments: 116
Photographer: Jürgen Voss, Neuland

BDA Prize Lower Saxony 2012
Future Housing 2012
Green Seal of the German Energy Agency
Certificate of Lower Saxony for Safe Housing
Award of the initiative " Germany - Nation of Long life" - Category: "Cross-linked Life"
Lower Saxony Award of Architecture 2012, shortlisted

01 | 09 | 2011

Shangdong Art Museum, Jinan

Client: Culture Department of Shandong Province
GFA: 59,000 m²
Competition: 09/2011, 2nd Prize

01 | 08 | 2011

Vitra Ampelphase 5

The installation for the Ampelphase 5 “stop \ motion” exhibition unfolds its visual impact towards the street and as a large object in the Vitra Showroom itself. The funnel shape with a double-walled sheath is made of elastic, yellow fabric and an outer, translucent plastic membrane. The installation gives material form to the dynamism and suspense of fluid motion.

Promoter Vitra GmbH
Term 08/2011 - 09/2011
Photographer Holger Peters

01 | 08 | 2011

Martino-Katharineum high school, Braunschweig

The switch to all-day schooling necessitated the construction of an extension on the site of the traditional Martino-Katharineum high school in the historical Old Town of Braunschweig. The new building houses an events room, a stage for theatrical productions, music and assembly rooms, and a media center. Applied with coarse brush strokes, there is a tactile element in the design of the sand-colored plaster. The white architraves, each of which frames a special view, emphasize the irregular configuration of the windows.

Client: Stadt Braunschweig
GFA: 985 m²
Completion: 08/2011
Assembly Hall: 110 Seats
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer
Awards: BDA Prize Lower Saxony, recognition

Peter Joseph Krahe-Prize, Special mention

01 | 06 | 2011

Abest Headquarters, Beijing

Bauherr: Beijing Abest Investment Co, LTD
GFA: 14,100 m²
Competition: 07/2007, 1st Prize
Completion: 06/2011
Fotograf: Shuhe Photography

01 | 04 | 2011

Qingdao Science and Technology City

The urban development draft for Qingdao Science and Technology City envisages sustainable urban living space for 100,000 inhabitants that combines a high quality of life with plans in line with ecological aspects. The design for the approx. 600-hectare competition site in the north of the port city of Qingdao embraces a compact center and four urban quarters with mixed usage. A 125-hectare strip of greenery extending along the river from north to south forms the backbone of the area.

Client: Beijing Winland Real Estate Co Ltd & Local Government Jiazhou/Shandong
Total Floor Area: 6,200,000 m²
Competition: 04/2011, 1st Prize

01 | 04 | 2011

LzO Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg Regionaldirektion

The new Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg (LZO) building enhances the urban design around Oldenburger Schloss following disastrous interventions of the 1960s: the new design takes its cue from the historical setting without reconstructing it. The ensemble consists of a main building, a self-service hall, and a safe-custody section, each with its own appearance. The design of the facades iterates proportions and basic principles of the historical structure and translates these into a modern architectural language.

Client: LzO Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg
GFA: 4,930 m²
GV: 19,300 m³
Competition: 2005, 1st Prize
Completion: 04/2011
Number of workplaces: 60
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer

01 | 03 | 2011

Bremer Landesbank, Oldenburg

Nowadays banks like to demonstrate great transparency and accessibility. For this reason alterations were made to the befitting old Bremer Landesbank building, as a result of which the ground floor can now be used as a customer service hall. By creating an entrance from Oldenburger Markt, the bank now boasts a light, generous space which welcomes visitors. A natural stone floor, high-quality materials, a combination of natural daylight and indirect lighting, as well as modern light objects set the tone on the inside.

Client: BLB Immobilien GmbH Unternehmensgruppe Bremer Landesbank
Completion: 03/2011
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer

01 | 02 | 2011

Shoppingcenter Schlosshöfe, Oldenburg

The urban concept for and design of Schlossplatz in Oldenburg took the historical situation into account in a way that met current requirements. Design-wise the Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg (LzO) building was given a new identity, and together with the ‘Alte Wache’ creates an exciting ensemble. The new design of Schlossplatz and the public passageways include the development in the city’s network of paths, making it an integral part of the city center.

Client: ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co.KG/PGS Projektgesellschaft
GFA: 49,200 m²
Cubage: 222,000 m³
Completion: 02/2011
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer

01 | 12 | 2010

AURON, Munich

Client: Employrion Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 56,300 m²
GV: 209,100 m³
Completion: 12/2010
Photographer: Johannes Seyerlein

Awards: DGNB Gold Certificate

01 | 12 | 2010

KfW Senckenberganlage, Frankfurt/Main

The granularity of the historic Westend footprint is reflected in the proportions of the building parts. The volume of the existing villa is adapted in the building’s volumetry. The individual parts of the building form a chain along the central backbone. Through this succession of buildings the flow of Senckenberganlage is structured in short sections, thereby creating a rhythm that leads passers-by to the corner of Bockenheimer Landstrasse.

Client: KfW Bank - Senckenberganlage
GFA: 14,700 m²
GV: 54,465 m³
Completion: 12/2010
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin, Klaus Helbig

01 | 12 | 2010

Wanda Plaza Chengdu, Chengdu

Client: Wanda Commercial Planning & Research Institute Co. Ltd.
GFA: 508,400 m²
Competition: 12/2010, 1st Prize
Height: 150 m

01 | 09 | 2010

Beijing Science Center, Beijing

The Beijing Science Center will be devoted to research, science, and future technologies. The “science cloud” design takes into account the exposed location at the intersection of the city’s third orbital road and the central north-south axis, on which attractions such as the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square are to be found. The around 130-meter long hovering roof rests on 20-meter high columns, which together create a supporting forest.

Client: Beijing Association for Science and Technology
GFA: 115,000 m²
Competition: 09/2010, 1st Prize

01 | 09 | 2010

Tianjin Sports Arena, Tianjin

Tianjin Sports Arena is a venue for university and national sporting events and has room for approx. 5,000 spectators. The 120-meter long and 58-meter wide building is located in the northeast of Tianjin University campus. It stands out in particular for its translucent gold-colored sheath of perforated, diamond-shaped steel panels, and its dynamic, asymmetrical shape.

Client: Tianjin University Department of campus construction and planning
GFA: 13,835 m²
GV: 46,450 m³
Competition: 05/2006, 1st prize
Completion: 09/2010
Photographer: Shuhe

01 | 08 | 2010

Schwedenkai ferry terminal, Kiel

The Schwedenkai ferry terminal is located on the western bank of Kiel Fjord at the point of transition between the edge of the city and the harbor basin. The design is divided into a 13-storey high-rise with office facilities and a pedestal building a passenger and logistics area for the ferry terminal. As such the new building combines service functions for passengers and freight with attractive office space. The 43-meter high ferry terminal is a striking high point in Kiel Docks.

Client: Seehafen Kiel GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 13,146 m²
GV: 50,496 m³
Start of construction: 05/2009
Completion: 08/2010
Photographer: Oliver Heissner

01 | 07 | 2010

Deutsche Börse, Eschborn

With a gross surface area of 56,000 square meters, the 21-story cube that is home to Deutsche Börse has room for 2,400 workstations. The 83-meter-high entrance hall is the heart and communications center of the corporate headquarters; by means of bridges and walkways it links the two L-shaped high-rises with one another. On the inside the building is characterized by a high degree of transparency, affording a wide range of views. It also creates superb conditions for the appealing presentation of the Deutsche Börse Art Collection.

Client: Lang & Groß Projektentwicklung GmbH
GFA: 78,000 m²
GV: 405,000 m³
Number of workplaces: 2,000
Start of construction: 11/2008
Completion: 07/2010
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

Awards: LEED Platinum Certification
European Architecture Prize - Energy + Architecture, Mention
Green Building Award 2013

01 | 05 | 2010

Freight and Sorting Hall Fedex, Cologne/Bonn Airport

Client: Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH
GFA: 50,290 m²
GV: 404,200 m³
Start of construction: 10/2008
Completion: 05/2010

01 | 03 | 2010

MI5 Arnulfpark, Munich

Client: Pandion Real Estate GmbH
GFA: 9,505 m²
GV: 29,200 m³
Apartments: 55
Completion: 03/2010
Photographer: Johannes Seyerlein

01 | 02 | 2010

Medienfabrik, Munich

The "Medienfabrik" is an ensemble comprising existing and new buildings. The new quarter in the Munich district of Schwanthalerhöhe provides high studio and office space for the IT and media sector, which can be divided up flexibly flexible and is flooded with natural daylight. Simple, robust materials such as bricks, fair-faced concrete and plaster underscore the industrial character. The four two-storey glass cubes on the roofs of the new and existing buildings are the distinctive architectural feature of the "Medienfabrik".

Client: Accumulata Immobilien Development GmbH
GFA: 44,600 m²
GV: 167,100 m³
Completion: 09/2009
Photographer: Felix L. Steck

01 | 01 | 2010

Jiangsu Provincal Art Museum, Nanjing

Located in the cultural center of Nanjing, the new Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum is one of the most important exhibition buildings in southeast China. The two intertwined edifices create an interstice which ,as the entrance hall is publicly accessible and, between towering natural stone walls, is lit solely from above. The for the most part sealed travertine stone facade with slender, vertical window slits emphasizes the overall monolithic impression the exhibition building makes.

Client: Nanjing Olympic Sport Center
GFA: 27,450 m²
Competition: 06/2006, 1st Prize
Completion: 01/2010
Photographer: Shuhe & HG Esch

01 | 01 | 2010

Shenyang Apartments, Shenyang

Client: Sunshine 100 Real Estate Group
GFA: 126,650 m²
Apartments: 408
Contract awarded: 03/2007
Apartments: 408
Completion: 2010

01 | 01 | 2010

Werfthaus, Frankfurt/Main

Werfthaus closes one of the last gaps in the lines of buildings in Frankfurt’s West Harbor. An 11-storey office high-rise with an H-shaped footprint now stands on the north bank of the harbor basin, creating many work spaces with an attractive view out over the harbor and the river. With its natural stone façade and striking window elements, the new building blends harmoniously with the row of existing office buildings at the West end of the harbor basin.

Client: OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH represented by Groß und Partner
Grundstücksentwicklung GmbH
GFA: 22,850 m²
GV: 84,410 m³
Completion: 01/2010
Number of workplaces: ca. 550
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 11 | 2009

Aircraft Maintenance Hangar, Hanover

The complex at Hanover Airport consists of an Aircraft Maintenance Hangar with a three-storyadministration building adjoining directly at its front. An exterior structure supporting the roofis a special feature of the hangar, which measures 101 by 35 meters. This provides thegreatestpossible flexibility in the hangar itself and through large doors enables its longitudinalside to open in the direction of the apron.

Client: Istrale Holdings Ltd.
GFA: 5,710 m²
GV: 63,760 m³
Completion: 11/2009
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer

01 | 10 | 2009

Jumeirah Hotel, Frankfurt/Main

Together with the ‘Nextower’, the 25-storey hotel tower, which has 217 rooms and suites, are highpoints in the ‘Palais Quartier’ that are visible from afar. Located close to ‘Hauptwache’ and the shopping precinct ‘Zeil’, what is to date the only Jumeirah Hotel in Europe not only has an attractive view of the Frankfurt skyline, but also offers the luxury and comforts of 5-star accommodation. The slightly slanting glass and aluminum panel facades lend the hotel tower a striking appearance.

Client: PalaisQuartier GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 20,015 m²
GV: 76,435 m³
Height: 96 m
Rooms: 217
Competition: 10/2002, 1st Prize
Completion: 10/2009
Photographer: Eibe Sönnecken

01 | 10 | 2009

PalaisQuartier Nextower, Frankfurt/Main

Client: Palais Quartier GmbH & Co. KG
Competition: 10/2002, 1st Prize
Completion: 04/2010
Photographer: Eibe Sönnecken

Awards: DGNB Certification in Gold
Best Tall Building Award 2010, finalist

01 | 10 | 2009

Nextower PalaisQuartier, Frankfurt/Main

Located close to the “Hauptwache” and the “Zeil” shopping mile in downtown Frankfurt, the 135-meter-high “Nextower” office high-rise and the 96-meter-high “Jumeirah” hotel tower with 220 rooms are the high points of the PalaisQuartier. Other buildings such as the “MyZeil” shopping mall and the reconstructed Thurn and Taxis Palace add to the urban quarter. The “Nextower” was awarded the German Sustainable Building Council’s (DGNB) certification in Gold for its sustainable energy concept.

Client: PalaisQuartier GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 47,700 m²
GV: 185,800 m³
Competition: 10/2002, 1st Prize
Completion: 10/2009
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin, Eibe Sönnecken/©PalaisQuartier GmbH & Co. KG, 2010

Awards: Office High rise DGNB Certification in Gold
Best Tall Building Award 2010, finalist

01 | 10 | 2009

PalaisQuartier, Frankfurt/Main

Located close to the “Hauptwache” and the “Zeil” shopping mile in downtown Frankfurt, the 135-meter-high “Nextower” office high-rise and the 96-meter-high “Jumeirah” hotel tower with 220 rooms are the high points of the PalaisQuartier. Other buildings such as the “MyZeil” shopping mall and the reconstructed Thurn and Taxis Palace add to the urban quarter. The “Nextower” was awarded the German Sustainable Building Council’s (DGNB) certification in Gold for its sustainable energy concept

Client: PalaisQuartier GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 221,000 m²
GV: 982,400 m³
Competition: 10/2002, 1st Prize
Completion: 04/2010
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

Awards: Office High rise DGNB Certification in Gold
Best Tall Building Award 2010, finalist

01 | 10 | 2009

SIPO - State Intellectual Property Office, Beijing

Client: State Intellectual Property, Beijing, China
GFA: 194,500 m²
Competition: 10/2009, 1st Prize
Number of workplaces: 6,100
Associate partner office: BUEDRI, Beijing Urban Engineering Design and Research Institute Co. Ltd

01 | 10 | 2009

Justice and Administrations Center, Wiesbaden

The Justice and Administration Center is the largest civil engineering public-private partnership (PPP) in the State of Hesse and will considerably foster the development of Mainzer Strasse in Wiesbaden. The two functions are housed in two neighboring building complexes and flank a green local boulevard between them that provides great leisure-time quality. As a new place of work for some 1,150 employees, it won the 2008 “Innovationspreis PPP”.

Client: HEWIPPP GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 65,300 m²
GV: 276,550 m³
Completion 10/2009
Awards: Award for Innovation Public Private Partnership 2008, Real Estate Manager Award 2009
Number of workplaces: 1,150
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 10 | 2009

Residential high-rise on Baierbrunnerstrasse, Munich

Client: Pandion Real Estate München
GFA: 7,700 m²
GV: 30,400 m³
Apartments: 64
Competition: 10/2009, 2nd Prize

01 | 10 | 2009

Fitness First Headquarters, Frankfurt /Main

In addition to offices, the 5-6-storey building on Hanauer Landstrasse has room for a restaurant and a fitness studio. The way the facade is structured makes the various amenities visible from outside. Overlooking to road, the ground floor with the restaurant has large windows, while on the upper storeys strips of windows provide light in the offices. Rounding the corner, a large, two-storey window opens the building up in the direction of Hanauer Landstrasse, and affords a view of the fitness studio.

Client: MBI GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 10,770 m²
GV: 56,650 m³
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 07 | 2009

Munich RE, Munich

Client: Münchner Rück Munich Re Group
GFA: 49,900 m²
GV: 118,890 m³
Competition: 07/2009, 1st Prize

01 | 07 | 2009

Campus Library University Duisburg-Essen, Essen

Client: Building and Real Estate Management of North Rhine-Westphalia
GFA: 50,010 m²
GV: 216,320 m³
Competition: 07/2009, 1st Prize

01 | 07 | 2009

LNQE - Laboratory for Nano- and Quantum Engineering, Leibniz University, Hannover

The new building was conceived for research in the filed of nanotechnology. Part of Leibniz University in Hanover, it is divided into three sections: the clean room facility, the laboratory wing, and offices, which are located in a three-storey edifice, and the open galleries, which, based on an open space concept featuring communal areas and seminar rooms, are intended to promote inter-disciplinary exchange. The precise adjoining of different materials such as aluminum, glass, and fiber cement determines the appearance of the facades.

Client: State of Lower Saxony
GFA: 4,120 m²
GV: 17,770 m³
Completion: 12/2009
Photographer: Marcus Bredt

01 | 07 | 2009

Hospital Kempten

Client: Bezirkskliniken Schwaben mit Klinikum Kempten - Oberallgäu GmbH
GFA: 20,800 m²
GV: n/a
Competition: 07/2009, 3rd Prize
Capacity: 120 Beds

01 | 07 | 2009

ILC Information and Logistics Center, Braunschweig

The VW complex in Braunschweig was extended to include the Information and Logistics Center (ILC), which combines space for logistics and offices. On the ground floor the two-storey structure consists of two cubes with space for administration and logistics, and an upper storey in the form of a circular surround with an open middle. An atrium in the middle provides the spaces on the inside with natural daylight. In the atrium, the way in which the cubes are configured creates lively terraces.

Client: Volkswagen Immobilien Service GmbH
GFA: 8,930 m²
GV: 44,150 m³
Expertise: 05/2007, 1st Prize
Start of construction: 04/2008
Completion: 07/2009
Photographer: Marcus Bredt

01 | 04 | 2009

Extension Endo - Clinic, Hamburg

The new building at Endo Clinic in the Altona district of Hamburg consists of a five - story cube penetrated by two interior courtyards. A low mezzanine serves as a functional division between the care areas on the second to fifth floors. The patient roomson them look out over the façade side.

Client: ENDO Klinik Hamburg GmbH
GFA: 24,010 m²
GV: 84,160 m³
Completion: 04/2009
Capacity: 250 Beds

01 | 04 | 2009

Bienenkorbhaus, Frankfurt/Main

The edifice, built in 1955 in downtown Frankfurt by architect Johannes Kran, was refurbished in 2008 while fully operational. It is divided into two structures, namely a high-rise with offices and medical practices and a new six-story building with retail space. An emblem of the city, the clearly structured shell limestone façade of the 43-meter-high tower was preserved.

Client: DIC MSREF Objekt Zeil GmbH
GFA: 15,240 m²
GV: 53,250 m³
Completion: 04/2009
Photographer: Henning Kreft
Awards: Real Estate Manager Award 2010

01 | 03 | 2009

Pedestrian Bridge Graf Bismarck, Gelsenkirchen

Client: Leg Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Nordrhein-Westfalen GmbH & Co. KG
Span: 68 m
Solid Center Width: 3.5 m
Capacitance: 7.5 t
Competition: 10/2003, 1st Prize
Completion: 03/2009

01 | 03 | 2009

Town Hall Terraces, Weilburg

Client: City of Weilburg
GFA: 19,930 m²
Competition: 03/2009, 1st Prize

01 | 02 | 2009

Siemens AG, Frankfurt/Main

The refurbishment of the existing Siemens AG building is impressive on account of its unique design concept. A combination of direct and indirect lighting creates a friendly ambiance. The straightforward, purist design of the interior is based on the Siemens corporate identity. Color accents in corridors, elevators, kitchenettes, and toilets create a pleasant working atmosphere.

Client: Siemens AG
GFA: 36,900 m² / 30,500 (2 buildings)
GV: 164,900 m³ / 118,500 m³
Completion: 02/2009
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 12 | 2008

ATMOS, Munich

The ATMOS forms the entrance to Arnulfpark and as the iconic point of identification for the new quarter. The ground floor houses various facilities, including conference zones accessed through the lobby. The upper storeys are destined for use as offices and subdivided into units smaller than 400 sq.m. Two tranquil inner courtyards with evergreen plants contribute extensively to the building’s identity.

Client: Vivico Real Estate GmbH
GFA: 41,000 m²
GV: 110,000 m³
Completion: 11/2008
Photographer: Marcus Bredt

Awards: DGNB Silver Certificate

01 | 12 | 2008

Daimler Headquarters, Stuttgart

Client: Daimler Real Estate GmbH
GFA: 31,980 m²
GV: 131,750 m³
Competition: 12/2008, Finalist
Height: 85 m

01 | 10 | 2008

ELSI - European Legal Studies Institute, Osnabrück

Client: State of Lower Saxony
GFA: 5,100 m²
GV: 20,490 m³
Competition: VOF Verfahren, 1st Prize
Completion: 10/2008
Photographer: Bettina Meckel

01 | 09 | 2008

National Library of China, Beijing

The National Library of China in Beijing is the world’s third largest library and has room for 12 million books. The individual sections of the building combine tradition with innovation. A pedestal building housing the collection of historical written documents, the “Siku Quanshu” (Complete Library of the Four Branches of Literature) , forms the base of the new 27-meter-high library. The glass section between the pedestal and the roof stands for the present and the passing on of the historical legacy. The library is crowned by a hovering roof structure, which houses the large reading room with approx. 2,000 seats and the digital library.

Client: National Library of China
Competition: 2003, 1st Prize
Completion: 09/2008
Reading Seats: 2,000
Books: 12 Mio.
Photographer: Hans Schlupp

01 | 09 | 2008

Shopping Center Zehlendorfer Welle, Berlin

Client: Roland Ufer GmbH & Co KG c/o OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH
GFA: 40,800 m²
GV: 178,500 m³                                                                
Competition: 06/2003, 1st Prize
Completion: 09/2008

01 | 08 | 2008

s.Oliver Headquarters, Rottendorf

The s.Oliver HQ offers approx. 350 employees space for creativity and reflects the fashion company’s dynamism. The edifice is divided up by means of two penetrating courtyards, which structure the interior and ensure optimum natural lighting in the rooms. For the most part the work areas are conceived as openplan offices, but also allow other forms of office. Horizontal rows of windows and anodized aluminum elements dominate the appearance of the façade.

Client: s.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 13,800 m²
GV: 53,300 m³
Competition: 08/2006, 1st Prize
Completion: 08/2008
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 08 | 2008

s. Oliver Headquarters, Rottendorf

The building’s restrained formal language serves as a projection surface for the s.Oliver world of fashion and large display windows present this inner world. The vertical access via a spectacular oval staircase with open galleries is the focal point of the building. Colored furniture serves as an eye catcher and highlights the informal meeting points. In line with the way the building is structured, different finishes such as stone, wood and fabric are used.

Client: s.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 13,800 m²
GV: 53,300 m³
Competition: 08/2006, 1st prize
Completion: 08/2008
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 06 | 2008

Auditory and Laboratory University Erfurt

The lecture theater and laboratory building houses the Departments of Structural Engineering, Supply Engineering, and Traffic and Transport. The new edifice comprises three sections, th end building, the connecting building, and the laboratory building. With its diagonal shape the end building forms the edge of the forecourt. The striking shape emphasizes the special use to which the lecture theater building is put. The glass entrance hall links the old and new buildings on three levels and marks the end of the forecourt.

Client: Staatsbauamt Erfurt
GFA: 10,820m²
GV: 45,650 m³
Completion: 06/2008
Photographer: Marcus Bredt

01 | 04 | 2008

Disch-Haus, Cologne

The Disch-Haus was built between 1928 and 1930 in Cologne according to plans by the architect Bruno Paul. Constructed as a hotel, it was preserved as an important example of ‘New Building’ and converted for its new purpose as a building for high-end retail and state-of-the-art offices. In close collaboration with the monument protection authorities, the striking curved Travertine facade was refurbished and the characteristic appearance of the windows restored through filigree frames.

Client: CRE Resolution GmbH represented by VA Nr. 1 Dischhaus GmbH
GFA: 13,900 m²
GV: 44,500m³
Start of construction: 09/2007
Completion: 04/2008
Interior Design: Manufactum: Landau + Kindlbacher
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 04 | 2008

Headquarters National Cement Corporation, Hanoi

The 31-story office high-rise for this cement industry corporation is being built in the west of the capital city Hanoi. Large windows enter into exciting interplay with the limestone lamella façade, which surrounds the entire complex. In the area along the glass façade there are flexible-use communal spaces with a reception area, conference room and indoor garden.

Client: Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation
GFA: 78,270 m²
GV: 360,000 m³
Competition: 04/2008, 1st Prize
Height: 135 m

01 | 01 | 2008

HEWI 805

The reduced design of Range 805 enables clear structuring of a room. Down to the smallest detail, this Range shows that good design and intelligent functions form an integrated whole. The functional area of the products made of high-quality polyamide is in a contrasting colour. By using polyamide the controls are pleasant to grip. Because of their colour, they are highly contrasting and set themselves apart, therefore making them easy to recognise.

Design: KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten
In cooperation with NOA product design
Awards: red dot Design Award 2008, honorable mention

01 | 01 | 2008


The HEWI S 01 is a complete system that integrates sanitary objects and various functions in purist-design, two-dimensional modules. It includes modules for washstands, WCs and showers, which can be complemented with other, folding products. The features in question, such as folding grab rails, paper towel baskets and WC brushes are only visible when unfolded. The innovative modules create architectural clarity in sanitary rooms.

Design: KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten
In cooperation with NOA product design

Awards: If Product Design Award 2008, Red Dot Design Award 2008

01 | 12 | 2007

Astra Turm, Hamburg

The 18-story office tower stands on the former site of the Bavaria brewery in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg and is divided into a pedestal, shaft, and crown. The building’s rounded corners and the rhythmic alternation between surrounding balustrades and slightly projecting strips of windows emphasize the elegant shape of the tower. A striking roof crowns the 19,000-square-meter standalone.

Client: 29. Verwaltungsgesellschaft DWI Grundbesitz mbH
GFA: 19,000 m²
GV: 45,000 m³
Competition: 08/2004, 1st Prize
Completion: 12/2007
Photographer: Carsten Brügmann

01 | 11 | 2007

Caecilium, Cologne

Client: Kölbl Kruse GmbH
GFA: 24,900 m²
GV: 84,400 m³
Completion: 06/2009
Number of workplaces: 800
Photographer: HG Esch

Awards: German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) Silver Certificate

01 | 10 | 2007

Documentation Center Bergen-Belsen Memorial

At almost 200 meters long, the Documentation and Information Center at Bergen-Belsen Memorial, which is made almost entirely of concrete, is an unusual structure. There are two paths through the Documentation Center: one is an open passageway or “stony path” that leads directly to the grounds. The second leads visitors to the exhibition rooms, which document the history of the site from prisoner of war camp to concentration camp.

Client: Stiftung Niedersächsische Gedenkstätten
GFA: 4,900 m²
Competition: 02/2003, 1st prize
Completion: 10/2007

Awards: BDA-Prize Lower-Saxony 2009
State of Lower Saxony Prize for Architecture 2008
Museum Prize Lower-Saxony 2009
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer, Stephan Falk

01 | 10 | 2007

Eichenpark Residential Estate, Munich

Wohngut Eichenpark is an ensemble comprising five white-plastered, five-story residential buildings and two three-story edifices with a total of 84 apartments ranging from bedsits to four-bedroom units. Large floor-to-ceiling windows, generous balconies and roof terraces open the apartments out to the surrounding mature trees. On the ground floor the apartments feature terraces and gardens.

Client: Saargemünder Straße Wohnbau GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 11,840 m²
GV: 38,450 m³
Apartments: 84
Start of construction: 06/2006
Completion: 10/2007
Photographer: Tommy Lösch

01 | 08 | 2007

National Museum of History, Hanoi

Client: Socialist Republic of Vietnam
GFA: 95,000 m²

Competition: 08/2007, 1st Prize

01 | 07 | 2007

Central Library, Frankfurt/Main

In 2005 the man branch of Frankfurter Stadtsparkasse (Frankfurt Savings Bank), which was built between 1954 and 1956, was converted and now houses the central municipal library in Frankfurt/Main. With its characteristic natural stone facade, the ensemble has preserved its original charm. The main element on the inside of the library is the spiral reading tower at the end of the main hall, which with an integrated elevator, links the various storeys. Like all the important elements it is a bright red.

Client: DIC Deutsche Immobilien Chancen und Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds
GFA: 12,000 m²
Completion: 07/2007
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 03 | 2007

St. Hedwig Psychiatric Clinic, Berlin

Client: St. Hedwig Kliniken Berlin GmbH
GFA: 7,550 m²
GV: 27,950 m³
Competition: 09/1999, 1st Prize
Completion: 03/2007
Capacity: 104 Beds
Photographer: Werner Huthmacher

01 | 02 | 2007

Haus am Zentralen Platz, Frankfurt/Main

Client: OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH
GFA: 5,500 m²
GV: 35,000 m³
Completion: 02/2007
Fotograf: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 02 | 2007

Apollo Theater, Siegen

The Apollo cinema in Siegen was converted into a theater, giving back the city an important cultural element downtown. In the direction of Scheinerplatz the striking east facade of the historical portal dominates its appearance. Adjoining the portal there is a state-of-the-art new building with a stage tower, auditorium, and foyer, which a glass joint connects to the old building. An unusual light concept highlights the old building.

Client: Stadt Siegen
GFA: 3,550 m²
GV: 21,125 m³
Competition: 03/2004
Completion: 02/2007
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

Awards: Siegen Architecture Prize 2007

01 | 01 | 2007

Minium Lite

The Minium Lite luminaire stands out for the clear design of the
slender, naturally anodized aluminum profiles. Available in three
versions, its glare-free light ensures extensive, shadow-free lighting
and is destined for office use. Depending on the particular
version the brightness can be regulated by means of a pushbutton,
or sensor and display. A motion sensor automatically
switches the luminaire on.

Design: KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten
Wall-mounted luminaire, Pendant luminaire, Free-standing luminaire
In cooperation with Zumtobel Staff

01 | 12 | 2006

WestendDuo, Frankfurt/Main

Straightforwardly elegant, the WestendDuo building stands out for its innovative technology and construction concept. Slightly arched longitudinal façades emphasize the slenderness of the 96 - meter - high towers. With the foyer, bars, and a restaurant, the ground floor opens out to the downtown area. An innovative, folded story ceiling reduces the height of the stories, houses the building services engineering, and enables column - free offices.

Client: Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH
GFA: 50,690 m²
GV: 128,120 m³
Competition: 11/2001, 1st Prize
Completion: 12/2006
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

Awards: The International High rise Award 2008, Special Prize for Sustainability,
Prime Property Award 2008, 3rd Prize

01 | 12 | 2006

Residential Building on Liebigstrasse, Frankfurt/Main

The new five-story building with floor - to - ceiling windows, aluminum folding shutters and loggias has a light natural stone façade and room for ten high-end apartments. In terms of shape and size the building in the Westend district of Frankfurt references the listed Miquelvilla beside it.

Client: Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH
GFA: 1,000 m²
GV: 3,450 m³
Apartments: 10
Competition: 11/2001, 1st Prize
Completion: 12/2006
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 09 | 2006

Carl Zeiss high school, Berlin

The school building, which dominates the local setting, meanders round a central interior courtyard, blending in with the heterogeneous surroundings as an independent ensemble. The interior courtyard, the heart of the new complex, is the school’s meeting place and point of orientation. On the inside, a double flight of stairs, which links the entrance hall and the aula on the ground floor with the classrooms on the upper storeys, is the main hub. The architecture references features of stringent, functional school buildings dating from the 1960s.

Client: State of Berlin
GFA: 13,050 m²
GV: 50,100 m³
Competition: 02/1995, 1st Prize
Completion: 09/2006
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer

01 | 08 | 2006

Trade Fair Entrance and Piazza Koelnmesse, Cologne

The new South entrance leads visitors via a spacious staircase to a large, light reception hall.. Two C-shaped sections between the existing trade fair halls surround the entrance hall. They feature cloakrooms, ticket booths, sanitation facilities, information stands, and hospitality. The piazza, a central meeting point, adjoins in the north.

Client: Koelnmesse GmbH
GFA: 7,800 m²
GV: 62,000 m³
Competition: 01/2006
Completion Entrance: 08/2006
Completion Piazza: 05/2006
In Cooperation with SIC! GmbH Generalplaner – Architekten - Ingenieure
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 08 | 2006

Überseequartier, Hamburg

Client: Überseequartier Beteiligungs GmbH
GFA: 63,060 m²
GV: 264,000 m³
Competition: 08/2006, 1st Prize

01 | 04 | 2006

St. Josefs Hospital, Potsdam

Client: St. Josefs Krankenhaus Potsdam gGmbH
GFA: 21,600 m² 
GV: 88,000 m³
Competition: 12/1999, 1st Prize
Completion: 04/2006
Capacity: 255 Beds
Photographer: Johannes Seyerlein

01 | 02 | 2006

Bürohaus LAIM 290, Munich

Client: Vivico Real Estate GmbH
GFA: 14,430 m²
GV: 53,550 m³
Completion: 09/2008

Awards: German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) Silver Certificate

01 | 01 | 2006


The J.Light designer lamp was created in collaboration with Zumtobel Staff. Its clear, reduced formal language blends in with all contemporary office fittings, while its variable, controllable light ensures a pleasant working atmosphere. As an upright light it can be placed anywhere, providing optimum light at workstations.
Its functional design makes it easy to operate.

Design: Jürgen Engel
In cooperation with Zumtobel Staff

01 | 12 | 2005

Garden-Tower, Frankfurt/Main

The two towers on Neue Mainzer Strasse dating from the 1970s no longer met the requirements of a modern office building. For this reason the façade, building services engineering, and interior fittings were renewed and the entrance redesigned. Highly transparent glass façade elements, aluminum panels and two-story winter gardens now dominate the new look of the modernized Garden Tower.

Client: Hochhaus 1 Objekt GmbH & Co KG
GFA: 41,500 m²
GV: 177,950 m³
Completion: 12/2005
Photographer: Achim Reissner

01 | 11 | 2005

Commerzbank AG, Hamburg

Clad in dark natural stone, the elegant towers of the headquarters of Commerzbank AG are located in the St. Georg district of Hamburg. In the two offset high-rises themselves there are offices, while the wing is home to conference areas and a cafeteria. In terms of quality the aluminum façade elements, which in each case extend across two stories, ensure the high design standard down to the very last detail.

Client: Credit Suisse Asset Management
GFA: 34,100 m²
GV: 124,800 m³
Competition: 10/2002, 1st Prize
Completion: 11/2005
Storeys: 17
Photographer: Oliver Heissner

01 | 09 | 2005

Kepler-Humboldt high school, Ulm

Client: City of Ulm
GFA: 3,640 m²
GV: 14,000 m³
Competition: 05/2002, 1st Prize
Completion: 09/2005
Photographer: Barbara Staubach

01 | 05 | 2005

Science Park II, Saarbrücken

The Science Park 2 is located in the west of the University of Saarbrücken campus. The new building gives start-ups engaged in scientific research with an opportunity to rent laboratory and office space. The building liaises between the surrounding structures and extends the campus to the west. The laboratories are located in the red, three-storey wing, with offices that can be divided up flexibly available in the 12-storey high-rise.

Client: Science Park Saar GmbH
GFA: 11,060 m²
GV: 41,760 m³
Competition: 01/2003, 1st Prize
Completion: 05/2005
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 05 | 2005

Apartments on Barbarastrasse, Cologne

Client: Metropol Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH
GFA: 1,140 m²
GV: 3,180 m³
Apartments: 3
Start of construction: 12/2003
Completion: 05/2005
Photographer: Stefan Schlling

01 | 04 | 2005

Hochpfortenhaus, Cologne

Client: Vivacon AG
GFA: 6,350 m²
GV: 22,750 m³
Completion: 04/2005
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 03 | 2005

Punta Skala Resort Hotel, Punta Skala

Client: Punta Skala D.O.O.
GFA: 129.000 m²
GV: 455.000 m³
Rooms: 250 First Class / 210 Familyrooms / 390 Apartments / 36 Villa
Competition: 03/2005

01 | 12 | 2004

Restaurant KAP am Südkai, Cologne

With its bar and terrace the KAP am Südkai restaurant serves as
a communication platform and meeting point. With its location
directly on the River Rhine and the atmosphere of the former
Cologne docks, it is an inviting place in which to chat informally
and linger. The stylish interior fittings and the way the tables are
positioned along the windows orchestrate the view of the banks
of the Rhine.

Client: Objektgesellschaft Kap am Südkai mbH
Seats: 50
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 12 | 2004

KAP am Südkai, Cologne

The KAP building on ‘Südkai’ marks the beginning of Rheinau Docks in the south. The new type of building is divided into a ten-storey high-rise with a roof garden and a five-storey, around 130-meter long wing. The offices on the upper storeys can be put to flexible use and be divided up into rental units measuring between 250 sq. m. and 1,900 sq. m. The ground floor features public facilities such as a restaurant and a spacious showroom with space for events.

Client: Objektgesellschaft KAP am Südkai mbH
GFA: 18,050 m²
GV: 63,070 m³
Completion: 12/2004
Number of workplaces: 650
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 08 | 2004

Residential and office building on Nymphenburger Strasse, Munich

Client: PIM Grundstücksgesellschaft Nymphenburg mbH
GFA: 3,235 m²
GV: 12,360 m³
Apartments: 4
Competition: 04/2002, 1st Prize
Completion: 08/2004

01 | 07 | 2004

Dorma headquarters, Ennepetal

The transparent façade surrounds the existing building dating from 1968, thus uniting old and new. To make space for the 150 workstations required, an extra three stories were added to the building. On the inside spacious work areas were created in which flexible office layouts are possible. The modern architecture of the converted Dorma building reflects the company’s claim with regard to its products: the combination of design, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

Client: Dorma GmbH & Co. KG AA
GFA: 7,940 m²
GV: 31,000 m³
Competition: 11/2001, 1st Prize
Completion: 07/2004
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 06 | 2004

DKV Residence in the Contrescarpe, Bremen

The home for senior citizens is just a few minutes’ walk from the shops in the Old Town of Bremen. The six-story “DKV-Residenz in der Contrescarpe” has a total of 138 two to three-room apartments and 28 nursing care places and features a typical Bremen clinker façade. Medical facilities, as well as service and recreation areas, ensure the well-being of the residents.

Client: Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG
GFA: 24,700 m²
GV: 75,700 m³
Competition: 11/1999,  1st Prize
Completion: 06/2004
Capacity: 138 Apartments / 29 Nursing places
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 04 | 2004

Elbloft, Hamburg

The 24 luxurious apartments are located in close proximity to Elbchaussee and the “Elbstrand beach”, opposite Hamburg docks. The residential units measuring between 110 and 172 square meters feature floor-to-ceiling windows, balcony, loggia or roof terrace and guarantee a spectacular view of the city and the river. The solid pedestal of the five-story building takes the form of a storm surge-proof underground parking garage.

Client: Elbloft GmbH & Co. KG
GFA: 5,700 m²
GV: 22,000 m³
Apartments: 24
Completion: 04/2004
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer

01 | 04 | 2004

Luminale 2004 Weser/Niddastrasse, Frankfurt/Main

Promoter: Luminale 2004
Term: April 18 to 22, 2004
Permanent light installation by Achim Wollscheid

01 | 10 | 2003

Theresie, Munich

A new urban quarter has been built on Munich’s former trade fair grounds at the interface between the heterogeneous structures in the west of the city and the vast expanse of “Theresienwiese”.The amorphous glass office building at the heart of the new quarter stands out for complex attention to detail in the architecture of the steel and glass façade. Silver steel ribbons running along the story trace the curved footprint. The residential building in the south of the quarter is plastered red and deliberately sets a color accent; it has room for 50 apartments.

Client: RREEF Investment GmbH
GFA: 105,000 m²
GV: 417,000 m³
Competition: 01/2000, 1st Prize
Completion: 04/2004
Photographer: Johannes Seyerlein

01 | 10 | 2003

Living at Theresie, Munich

The red-plaster residential building of the “Theresie” development on the former trade fair grounds in Munich has room for 50 apartments. With 1 - 3 bedrooms and measuring 80 -145 square meters, all the apartments have a south-facing balcony or a terrace. Other plus points: located close to the city center, good infrastructure with underground parking and shops in the direct vicinity.

Client: RREEF Investment GmbH
GFA: 6,800 m²
GV: 22,500 m³
Apartments: 50
Competition: 02/2000, 1st Prize
Completion: 10/2003
Photographer: Seyerlein und Seyerlein

01 | 07 | 2003

NH City Hotel, Frankfurt/Main

The new big-city building with apartments, offices, and an hotel is located in downtown Frankfurt. The large structure is divided into different units in which the various amenities are housed, and which are visible from outside. The entrance to the hotel, which has 258 rooms, conference rooms and various restaurants is on Vilbeler Strasse. The hotel is flanked by the office wing and the residential building on Elefantengasse.

Client: Grundstücksgesellschaft Bleichstraße mbH & Co. KG
GFA: 29,300 m²
GV: 103,000 m³
Rooms: 255
Competition: 09/2000
Completion: 07/2003
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 06 | 2003

Robert-Koch-Institute, Wernigerode

Client: State of Saxony-Anhalt
GFA: 8,600 m³
GV: 30,900 m³
Completion: 06/2003
Photographer: Frank Springer

01 | 06 | 2003

The Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Das archäologische Museum am Stadtrand von Kairo gewinnt sein starkes Image durch die Implementierung der Ausstellungsstruktur in die Topographie der Landschaft. Das Museum verbindet Ausstellungsobjekt, Besucher, Raum und Wegeführung und erschafft komplexe Raumstrukturen durch verschiedene, sich überlagernde Ebenen. Den Besuchern wird durch die differenzierte Wegeführung ermöglicht, das kulturelle Erbe der ägyptischen Zivilisation je nach ihren individuellen Interessen, Bedürfnissen und Zeitplänen entdecken.

Client: Arab. Republic of Egypt, Ministry of Culture-Supreme Council of Antiquities
GFA: 92,000 m²
Competition: 06/2003, High honorable mention
Photographer: Axel Schmidt

01 | 05 | 2003

Apartments at Römerhof, Cologne

Client: Metropol Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH
GFA: 550 m²
GV: 1,760 m³
Apartments: 3
Competition: 08/2001, 1st Prize
Completion: 05/2003
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 03 | 2003

Salzburgarena, Salzburg

Its oval shape and position as the end building in the otherwise mostly orthogonal trade fair halls gives the Salzburgarena its special identity. On the outside, the oval hall is the result of the classic arena shape of the spectator stands. The surrounding rows of spectator seating inside the event hall provide excellent views and a positive overall impression. 

Client: Messezentrum Salzburg GmbH
GFA: 21,070 m²
GV: 173,660 m³
Start of construction: 06/2002
Completion: 10/2003
Photographer: Werner Prokschi

01 | 02 | 2003

Residential and commercial building at Leipziger Platz, Berlin

The development on Leipziger Platz reconstructs the historical figure of an octagon-shaped peripheral structure. In addition to a shopping arcade and office space, behind the stone façade on the four penthouse stories there are six spacious apartments. The top two residential stories are conceived as maisonette apartments with a roof terrace.

Client: MM-Management Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
GFA: 9,510 m²
GV: 32,440 m³
Apartments: 6
Competition: 07/2000, 1st Prize
Completion: 02/2003
Photographer: Friedemann Steinhausen

01 | 01 | 2003


Produced by MABEG
In cooperation with EOOS Design Vienna

Awards: Best Selection Office Design 2001
Award for Innovations "Architecture and Office", honorable mention

01 | 01 | 2003

Think Desk

»Think Desk«, which was conceived by Jürgen Engel togetherwith the light artist Thomas Emde, can fulfill several functions:not only can it be used as a lectern for someone giving a lecture,but also for working, reading, and writing at. With subduedsurrounding light the illumination function serves as a lightsource, the colored light transforming the filigree object into adynamic light sculpture.

01 | 12 | 2002

German Air Traffic Control Administration Building, Langen

With space for 1,300 employees, the German Air Traffic Control (DFS) head office is impressive on account of its calm shape, which deliberately sets it apart from the surrounding heterogeneous buildings. The complex comprises two parallel, comb-like structures linked with one anther by two raised connecting sections. By way of contrast, the amorphous shell of a staff café located in an expanse of water penetrates these two comb structures.

Client: DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
GFA: 54,500 m²
GV: 230,000 m³
Competition: 11/1998, 1st Prize
Completion: 12/2002
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

Awards: Mention Real Estate Award 2003, Mention Hesse Energy State Award 2002

01 | 11 | 2002

Police Headquarters, Frankfurt/Main

The Police Headquarters brings together the relevant agencies and departments in Frankfurt under one set of roofs. The building takes up the urban design thrust of the line of standalones along Adickesallee. From the latter, the building is accessed via a 40m-long portal. The entrance courtyard behind them is one of a total of eight inner courtyards, each with a character of its own. The greened courtyards, shielded from the main traffic arteries outside, ensure optimal lighting and natural ventilation for the office zones.

Client: State of Hesse
GFA: 129,000 m²
GV: 513,000 m³
Competition: 10/1995, 1st Prize
Competition architects: Kalmbacher & Ludwig Architekten
Planning architects: Kalmbacher & Ludwig Architekten und KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten
Completion: 11/2002
Number of workplaces: 2,500
Photographer: Jean-Luc Valentin

01 | 07 | 2002

Library of the Braunschweig University of Art, Braunschweig

The basic idea for the extension at the University of Art in Braunschweig was based on the subsequent use of the Mexican pavilion at EXPO 2000 in Hanover. The glass cube for the library has given the university a new distinctive feature. The cube has a surface area of around 18 by 18 meters and its façade and roof are made totally of glass. A red cube, at a slight angle to the glass sheath, was positioned in the middle and accommodates the books.

Client: NILEG Norddeutsche Gesellschaft für Landesentwicklung
GFA: 2,170 m²
GV: 10,990 m³
Completion: 07/2002
Photographer: Klemens Ortmeyer

01 | 06 | 2002

Urban Development Sablon Du Nord, Metz, France

The erstwhile trade fair and rail freight grounds, hitherto cut off from downtown by the rail lines, was to be transformed into a high-end commercial, office and residential estate. The proximity to the main station, downtown and the Seille River were all positives to be included. The proposal restructures the 22-hectare-large site and foresees a supra-regional landscaped park for recreational purposes on the banks of the Seille, which are renaturalized, offering urbanites access to nature.

Client: Stadt Metz, Frankreich
Gross Area: 2.2 km²
GFA: 222,000 m²
Competition: 1998, 1st Prize
Completion: 2002
In Cooperation with BGM Atelier d’architecture, Montreuil and Latitude Nord, Paris

01 | 11 | 2001

Unique International Airport, Zurich

Client: Unique Airport AG
GFA: 214,000 m²
Competition: 11/2001, 1st Prize
In cooperation with: EAN - European Architectural Network

01 | 11 | 2001

Das Stadtwerk, Frankfurt/Main

Frankfurt’s Hanauer Landstrasse is an important real estate segment in the east of the city. The proposal for the “Stadtwerk” hinges on converting a freight yard once used by DB Cargo into a new urban quarter. Instead of the freight yard, the area will house offices and lofts, a themed hotel, hospitality outlets, lifestyle and event shopping as well as residential properties. The KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten design won 1st Prize in 2001.

Client: Entwicklungsgesellschaft Ostend GmbH & KG
GFA: 120,000 m²
Gross area: 40,000 m²
Competition: 11/2001, 1st Prize

01 | 08 | 2001

Trade Fair Forum, Frankfurt/Main

Together with the ‘Agora’, the central plaza, the curved ellipsoid-shaped Forum is the heart of the Frankfurt trade fair grounds and continues the series of powerful buildings that gives it its identity. The unmistakable building can be used in any number of ways: on the ground floor there is a room for exhibitions, concerts, and trade fairs; the upper storey features a sub-divisible multi-function room for events and banquets for up to 2,000 people. 

Client: Messe Frankfurt GmbH
GFA: 22,750 m²
GV: 127,000 m³
Competition: 04/1999, 1st Prize
Completion: 08/2001
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 06 | 2001

Press and Information Ministry of the German Government, Berlin

The Federal Press and Information Office in Berlin presents all sides to working with existing buildings, as the ensemble includes structures from three different centuries: a new building, the press and visitor center complete with TV studio, cafeteria and library provides space for up to 2,000 visitors; a prefabricated structure that now shines out in bright orange; a completely restructured front building for the market hall dating from the 19th century; and the former Berlin Mitte Post Checking Office, a mid-20th-century building facing the Spree River. The heterogeneous buildings are now linked and their functions accessed by a 120m-long glass block.

Client: Federal Republic of Germany
GFA: 43,000 m²
GV: 207,320 m³
Competition: 12/1995, 1st Prize
Completion: 2001
Photographer: Friedemann Steinhausen, Stephan Klonk, Frank Springer

Awards: 2nd Federal German Prize for architecture Putz 2002, 2nd Prize

01 | 12 | 2000

Steigenberger Esprix Hotel, Frankfurt/Main

Client: Steigenberger Consulting GmbH
GFA: 19,000 m²
GV: 60,000 m³
Rooms: 360
Start of construction: 01/2000
Completion: 12/2000
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 09 | 2000

Volkswagenhalle, Braunschweig

With a total length of 117 meters, the hall’s shape enables a wide variety of uses, thereby fulfilling the special requirement profile for a multi-purpose hall and in line with the overall concept. In an oval, rows of spectator seating for up to 8,000 people surround the middle of the hall in the 35-meter wide and 65-meter long arena, providing an excellent view at events. The hall’s silvery-gray shimmering sheet zinc cladding has a horizontal structure and emphasizes the ovel curve of the structure.

Client: Stiftung Sport und Kultur für Braunschweig
GFA: 17,000m²
GV: 139,000m³
Seats: max. 8,000
Completion: 09/2000
Awards: BDA Prize, Lower Saxony, Shortlist, 2003

01 | 04 | 2000

Songjiang University Campus, Shanghai

Presently an agricultural area, the location for the new University City for approximately 40,000 students is located in the west of Shanghai on an area near the 500 year old garden city of Sonjiang. A satellite city for 500,000 inhabitants is planned in connection with the new University, based on a masterplan created by a French office. The basic pre-requisites for the design are both the position of the University City, given in the masterplan and the sectioning of the campus into three independent Universities, a joint central area and a 'housing area', split into two sections and further divided by us into three 'neighbourhoods' each. Using a system of three clusters of various sizes we have chosen a structure for the three Universities, which provides a clear separation of built area and landscaped areas. The cluster system not only allows the provision of an individual, characteristic structure and architectural identity for each of the Universities but also guarantees a sensible ecological and economical use of space. The concentration of the buildings on the cluster fields reserves sufficient space for the partial areas to grow together to a new, single University in the future. The construction areas are connected to one another via a system of axial streets and lines of vision.

Client: Chinese Department of Education
GFA: 1,100,000 m²
Competition: 04/2000, 1st Prize
in cooperation with ECADI - East China Architecture Design Institute

01 | 02 | 2000

Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Saarbrücken

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology buildings are located on the University of Saarbrücken campus. Individual buildings were conceived for each of the various facilities, e.g., cutting-edge laboratories, offices, and technical department. In 2012 the KIST was extended by the addition of two more pavilion buildings, which in terms of design are based on the existing cuboid buildings. These house offices, laboratories, work rooms, lecture and seminar rooms, and a cafeteria.

Client: Korea Institute of Science and Technology Europe Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
GFA: 5,250 m²
GV: 24,775 m³
Competition: 12/1997, European selection process
Completion: 02/2000
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 12 | 1999

ESWE Music School and Academy, Wiesbaden

The ESWE Music School and Academy is located in downtown Wiesbaden on Schillerplatz and Dern’sches Gelände, opposite City Hall. The entire ensemble has a preservation order on it. Despite the interventions necessitated by the change in use, the aim was to preserve the essence of the original architecture. For this reason the new buildings were positioned as extensions between the existing buildings.

Client: ESWE Stadtwerke Wiesbaden AG
GFA: 15,350 m²
GV: 53,810 m³
Completion: 12/1999
Photographer: Stefan Schilling, Achim Reissner

01 | 11 | 1999

Leipzig University Veterinary Clinic

Client: Free State of Saxony
GFA: 4,500 m²
GV: 19,000 m³
Competition: 05/1995, 1st Prize
Completion: 11/1999
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 11 | 1999

Service Center Nassauische Sparkasse, Wiesbaden

Client: Nassauische Sparkasse
GFA: 13,500 m²
GV: 52,000 m³
Competition: 04/1996, 1st Prize
Completion: 11/1999
Number of workplaces: ca. 200
Photographer: Frank Springer

Award for Innovation Architecture and Technology 2000, 1st Prize
Award of Good Architecture in Hesse 2003
Johann Wilhelm Lehr Badge, BDA Hesse

01 | 04 | 1999

Money Museum of German Bundesbank, Frankfurt/Main

The exhibition in the Money Museum of the German Central Bank, the Bundesbank, is divided into various themes. Over a surface area of 840 square meters the complex relationship between monetary and fiscal policy is explained to visitors. The differentiated lighting concept puts the focus on the design of the
exhibition, which was conceived from a museum point of view.

Client: Deutsche Bundesbank
Competition: 1996, 1st Prize
Completion: 04/1999
Exhibition space: 840 m²
Photographer: Frank Springer

01 | 07 | 1997

Office and Residential Building Bockenheimer Landstrasse, Frankfurt/Main

Client: Nord-West-Ring Grundstückges. mbH & Co. Bockenheimer Landstraße KG
GFA: 13,500 m²
GV: 49,500 m³
Competition: 05/1994, 1st Prize
Completion: 07/1997
Photographer: Stefan Schilling

01 | 05 | 1997

Administration center of Dresdner Bank AG, Leipzig

Client: Merkur Grundstückgesellschaft mbH
GFA: 36,500 m²
GV: 147,000 m³
Competition: 12/1993, 1st Prize
Completion: 05/1997
Number of workplaces: kA
Photographer: Stefan Schilling