17 | 01 | 2020

Laying of the foundation stone for Shenzhen Art Museum New Venue and Shenzhen Second Library in China

At the invitation of the Shenzhen Municipality Bureau of Public Works as the developer, a ceremony marking the laying of the foundation stone for Shenzhen Art Museum New Venue and Shenzhen Second Library was held on January 17, 2020 in Shenzhen. The area for development measures 250 x 100 meters and the design in question was the winning entry in an international competition held in 2015. Following a change in the city council it was fundamentally revised. The cultural complex, which has a gross surface area of approx. 138,000 sq. m., is made up of three elements that together form an ensemble: an art museum, a library and archive, and in the middle of them the “Culture Plaza’. A podium, staggered at the top, forms the base of the library, museum and plaza and gives each of the facilities clearly allocated, attractive outdoor spaces. The aim was to create a public space that brings together art, culture, and an urban environment to form a venue where people and culture are encouraged to interact. The design of the museum and library has already been awarded the Shenzhen Architecture Design Prize.

13 | 11 | 2019

Shenzhen Art Museum & Library receives Architectural Design Award

Every year the city of Shenzhen awards the "Architectural Design Award Prize" to outstanding projects that are still in the planning stage and are expected to shape the cityscape of the modern, upcoming metropolis in the future. Together with the partner office Zhubo Design, the Shenzhen Art Museum & Library was awarded with the 1st prize this year. Now that the design planning has been completed, the implementation planning is in full swing. The foundation stone will be laid before the end of this year. Due to the competition win in 2015 and the win of the competition for the Bio-Enterprise Campus in 2018, we have been represented for one year with an office in the middle of the design and art scene district of the city in a co-working space of the new "OCT-Loft" quarter.

18 | 10 | 2019

Laying of the foundation stone for the 2nd module of the new Siemens Campus in Erlangen

At the invitation of the clients, Siemens AG and Siemens Real Estate, the foundation stone for Module 2 of the Siemens Campus was laid on 18.10.2019 on what is currently Northern Bavaria's largest construction site. Together with representatives of the city and the construction companies, the start of the construction of the next module was celebrated in the south of Erlangen. The central point of contact for the campus and part of the new module will be the new reception building with conference zone, auditorium and a catering area. Just like the four other office buildings of module 2 and the already completed buildings, it will be constructed in an innovative wood hybrid construction method. Many of the components can already be delivered prefabricated. With Module 2, a total of five office buildings and three multi-storey car parks are being built in cooperation with Zech Group AG, the lowest floors of which are reserved for bicycles. The entire campus, a completely new urban district, is being built on a 54-hectare site.

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